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2013 Day 10

Day 10, Kingman, Arizona to Barstow, California--------------------------------------------229 miles

At our meeting in Chicago, I tell the Riders not to worry if something goes wrong or plans change or we can't follow exactly the route we want or if you get lost or broke away from the group, don't let it ruin your day, just let it create a memory.  Well today we created a lot of memories.

On our way to Oatman, AZ we encountered rock slides and a lot of sand an rocks on the road because of unusual heavy rains in the area.  While in Oatman we had a breakfast of Fry Bread covered with peaches and ice cream.  The wild donkeys in the street enjoy carrots supplied by Sarah Boivin.  Leaving Oatman we encountered more bad road created by the heavy rains.  In places the road were completely washed away but we made it with only 3 bikes down and no damage to riders or bikes.  In Needles, CA  Route 66 was closed due to mud and water on the road, so we had to bypass around to the north end of Needles which put us off Route.  However, with a leader like Jim Engling you aren't off route to long but we did miss our comfort stop and fuel top off before entering the desert.  I must say I was getting a little concerned for my riders comfort when we found an Oases about 30 miles into the dersert, they had fuel ($5.25 per gallon) and water and restrooms, really a nice place.  So after a break there, we headed into the desert to place our Rocks in a memorial that we create ourselves.  This is a very touching memorial made of rocks with people names on them and the Rocks are placed on the desert wall and spells out "Ride for the Relay 2013".  Leaving there we go to Amboy (did I mention the temperature was 108 degrees).

Ok, I will recap.  Rock slides, sand and rocks in the road, roads washed out completely, mud and water covered roads, 108 degrees, missed comfort stop.;  I am sure nothing else can go wrong.  I was wrong.  Two miles west of Amboy, CA Route 66 was closed, so we had to back track about 15 miles total and get on the Inter-State to make it on into Barstow, California.  We get to the motel and everyone is checking end and going to get ready for our final night banquet at 6:30.  When I got to the motel it was about 5pm and I went straight to the restaurant to make sure everything was ready for our banquet.  Guess what the boss was gone and no one knew anything about a banquet.  Around 5:30 they talked to the manager and he had forgot but in less than one hour those employee's had a wonderful banquet set up.

You know through it all today, no one got angry or upset but everyone created a memory that shall last forever.

Enjoy the pictures and let the riders know on our guest book, how you feel about what they are doing.

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