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2013 Day 18

September 10, 2013 we traveled 431 miles from Ely, NV to Grand Junction, Colorado.  Not to much excitement today just travel.  It was much cooler with a low of 58 and a high of 72.  We did hit just a little rain but we didn't even stop and put on our wet gear.  We made a few stops just for pictures, enjoy. 

As we were traveling on Highway 50 we seen this unusual entrance to a ranch.

This is a couple that took pictures for us, they were traveling like us.

Leaving Nevada and entering Utah. 

Jim taking it all in.

Local's selling there wear's.

We just drove through this storm, it wasn't as bad as it looked.

Young people just having fun putting a sticker on a post.  Why????

If anyone remembers, my picture was on the cover of Wing World Magazine in 2007.  This is where I was standing when the picture was taken. 

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