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2013 Day 19

September 11, 2013 we left Grand Junction, Colorado in the rain and traveled north to Rangely, Colorado where we had lunch.  While having lunch it stopped raining but when we left headed east to Oak Creek, Co it started raining again.  I guess the high light of the day would be our GPS taking us down a road that went from blacktop to gravel to mud.  We did manage to turn around before getting in the mud but it was a white knuckle trip and we were thankful neither one of us went down.  We arrived in Oak Creek about 5:30 and our quant little motel was full of dirt bikes and two Gold Wings.  Check out the pictures.

Braving the rain to get a photo.

Even with the rain it is pretty.

In Rangely, Colorado for lunch in a cool little Coffee Shop.

Coffee Shop.

Jim talking to 3-D April.

Chicken fried steak and French fried Green Beans.

Here is our Quaint little Motel in Oak Creek, Colorado.  It is like stepping back into the 1950's except for the price and it is right up to date at $71.

The office.

Here is the 1950's kitchen, this would have been something you would see on
Route 66.

How long has it been since you had a key for the door?

Yes that is a telephone.

Would this heater pass code in most towns?  This is your heat and there is no air conditioner.

Yes, those are ice trays.  No ice maker and no ice machine cluttering this motel.

This is my Granddaughter Sophia and my son-in-law picking Jim and I up for dinner.  Yes we got in the front seat of the work van and had great dinner.
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