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2013 Day 21

September 13, 2013 I left my daughters place in Oak Creek, Colorado with 52 degrees and bright sunshine.  I took a nice ride over the mountains and come out on I-70 at Silver Thorne, CO and I took I-70 to Idaho Springs, CO then went back roads into Broomfield.  I had no problems with the flooding but did see some high water.  Here are a few pictures.

Just entering the Eisenhower Tunnel. 

I stopped at the Blue Sky Café in George Town, CO for lunch and was over ran with people asking questions and taking loads of pictures.

This is a great place to eat, if you are in George Town look up the Blue Sky Café.

Here I am in Idaho Springs, this creek is normally so small you could walk across it.

Even as bad as it is with all the flooding, some make the best of it.

As I was saying.......

I am at Aunt Bea's.  I arrived just as her and her daughter Ethel got back from the hair dresser.

Aunt Bea and my cousin Ethel.

Last night my Aunt Bea took me to Great Scott's, was I surprised.  This is a long way from
Route 66.

Great Scott's inside shot.

Great Scott's back room.

Great Scott's out side as we were leaving
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