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2013 Day 6

Day 6,  Amarillo, Texas to Santa Rosa, New Mexico ----------------------------------------176 miles

Started the day as one group and remained most of the day as one group.  Our first mission was to paint a Cadillac dark purple and we accomplished that mission.  Following that we rode Old Route 66 to Adrian, Texas where we had the World's Ugliest Pie Crust and celebrated the fact that we had made it half way.  Check out the group photo.

Before  loaning Sarah (Paul's daughter) my helmet, I went next door to Fran's Gift Shop and got a picture of her guard dog.  Sarah rode with Mike Libs in order to take pictures of everyone going down the road.  I hope I get to see the pictures.  Those pictures were taken while we are on our way to Tucumcari, NM.

On our way to Tucumcari, NM we stopped at Russell's Truck Stop for lunch and going through their Car Museum and gift shop.  We all then headed for Tucumcari and spent some time there looking at all the Route 66 history.  From there everyone (at their own pace) headed to the motel in Santa Rosa, NM.  Everyone was at the motel by 3pm.  This was a planned short day so we could rest up a little, get some laundry done and just hang out with being rushed.  Some of us went out to the Blue Hole (google it) and watch some divers off the high cliff.

The evening was topped off with some delicious Mexican Food and a small pool party.  Enjoy the pictures and leave a message on the guest book letting the Riders know you are watching them. 

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