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2013 Day 7

Day 7,  Santa Rosa, New Mexico to Acoma, New Mexico ------------------------------------------176 miles

Today everyone headed to Santa Fe, NM and it was a beautiful drive  and we reached 7,000 feet altitude.  In Santa Fe some Riders broke off and went into downtown Santa Fe and the rest of us headed to Madrid (the town in the movie "Wild Hog").  We had lunch at the Mine Shaft then on down to the east side of  Albuquerque where we connected back up with Route 66 and drove it all the way across to the west and to Bobby Unser's house where Bobby greeted us and signed many autographs.  Leaving Bobby's we headed on out on Route 66 all the way to Sky City Casino where we had a great Sea Food (all you can eat) Buffett.  Then I am sure everyone won a lot of money and someone will be buying my lunch today.

I am having trouble down loading the pictures this morning.  I will try again but time is not on my side.

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