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Day 24 2012

Spent last night in Prescott, AZ with my friend Jim Carlin and his lovely wife who are controlled by Moxie the dog.  It was a great visit and Jim has some interesting toys.  After leaving Jim's I headed toward Santa Fe.  Ran into another Goldwing Rider (John Otway, Missoula, Mt) in Flagstaff and we rode together to Winslow and I showed him around a little then I was on my way.  I think I can talk him in going on the ride next year.  I stopped by Sky City Casino to talk about the parking problems and I think I got that taken care of.  Then on to Santa Fe, got into a big dust storm but every was good, no rain.  Enjoy the pictures.

Above I took a little break and worked on the web site in Prescott, AZ

Below is the dog in control "Moxie".

Below is my friend Jim Carlin, wife and you know who.

Next year we are going riding in this.  Jim has owned this since he was a kid.

Below is a fimilar shot of standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ with John Otway.

Above is the work in progress on the new 9-11 Memorial Park.  This is two beams from the World Trade Center.
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