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Day #1 Chicago, IL

Day #1 we leave the Navy Pier in Chicago at 8:00 am after we have the Blessing of the Bikes.  Check back for pictures and a full report of today events.

This was a bitter sweet day, Illinois needs rain so bad but why today.  We never really ever rode in a storm but just a good steady rain (rain suits on all day) but you know we had a good time, no problems we couldn't over come and no one lost so bad that they couldn't find their way.  We were in two groups and just mandored along on the wet roads and enjoyed what we could.  Below are some pictures from last night and pictures of today.  Enjoy!
All the pictures above was yesterday and last night with people buying shirts and stuff.
Below is today, enjoy. 
       In the orange shirts are friends and All the Way Gang members from Indiana, what a surprise and nice gift from them.  I also had All the Way Gang members from Decatur, Illinois to show up in Lincoln, Illinois and all these guy are going to ride with us tomorrow.  Also had one All the Way Gang member for Michigan to join us with two of his friends.  It has been a very good day even with the rain.

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