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Day 10 - 9/12

Kingman, AZ to Barstow, AZ

What a day, we started at 9am just so we wouldn't get into Oatman before some of the gift shops and Cafe's opened.  Paul had carrots for everyone to feed the donkey's, that's right donkey's.  In Oatman there are wild donkey's that roam the main street looking for people to feed them.  (check the pictures).  Some of our Rider's (well one) were so happy to be into Oatman that they kissed the ground, that's true. (check the pictures).  Some people in Oatman had no control over themselves and ate a plate of cinimmon fry bread covered with peaches, the peaches are covered with 6 scoops of ice cream and all that is covered with whip cream, that's true.  (check the pictures).

After Oatman we went through Needles, CA and on out into the Mojave Desert.  Out in the desert before we got to Amboy we used our Orange Rocks to spell out "Ride for the Relay" along the side of the road.  This was the first year to do this and we will do it again next year and maybe even move the Art Work to a new location closer to Amboy.

While going through the Mojave the tempature got up to 104 degrees, that is 10 degrees cooler than the tempature in Needles last year or maybe the year before.  Don't kid yourself 104 is hot,

This evening we all geather in a large dinning room right here at the Quality Inn and had dinner.  Miss Route 66, Terry Kafides (a 15 year servivor) was a guest along with 58 of the Ride for the Relay team.  A very good evening with most everyone that is on the ride attending the dinner.  I didn't get any pictures at the dinner but enjoy what I got during the day.

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