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Day 9, 2007


Route 66 Arizona metal signLeaving Holbrook, Arizona at 8am.


Our day started with all of us (one at a time) went on a Christen Senior Tour Bus and explain who we are, why we do this.  The guys had sold several pins to the people on board and the driver.  When I got on the bus I just passed a bag of pins around the bus, told them the cost and they bought several pins.  Then we checked out of the Motel had a blessing of the bikes and headed out to Old Route 66.  We stopped in town (Holbrook) and looked at the Wigwam Motel .  Our next stop was in Winslow, AZ at the La Posada Motel where we just looked around   .  Some of us looked around a little more than others , John looked but couldn't find anything but this camel .  Our next stop was at the Meteor Creator where Norm and Alice got mooned and Doug told me to suck in and all I did was puff up.  This is a piece of the Meteor .  I took a shot of Ed standing in the parking lot and Doug with his newest bestest friend .  This man was one of the guides and he and another guide bought a pin.  Then it was on to Flagstaff where we made a fuel stop and went to (I can't remember the name of the Cafe, I will post it later) for some lunch.  This Cafe was really excited about what we were doing.  This lady in the blue, with her daughter sold a bunch of pins.  Amber took pictures of us to put up on their wall, then Amber and the whole staff come out--they just left their customer-- and had their picture taken with us..  I wouldn't have taken this picture but this young lady wanted her picture posted on the internet .  It really was a great place to eat and we will stop there next year.  With our bikes full of gas and us too, we were off to Williams, AZ.  I got a great shot of the bikes    This is a great little town with many attractions and of course the criminal element traveling with us had to check out the Sheriff SUV and John ends up with his hands on the hood and spread'n em   We got out of Williams, AZ and on to ________________, AZ where I bought me a new vest this shop and the other guys picked up some small items.  We also got to know the owner (Bill) and his unusual motorcycle .  Can you find the dummy in this photo ??  Now just enjoy the wonderful ride.


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