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day 8 2010

  Grants, New Mexico to Holbrook, Arizona
Leave at 8am arrive approximately 6pm

Today we were at the Continental Divide where the elevation was 7245'.  From there we made our way to Gallup, NM and visited the El Rancho Hotel.  This hotel is just beautiful and is where all the movie stars use to stay when filming westerns. John Wayne spent a lot of time there.  After touring the hotel we went to Earl's Family Restaurant for lunch, the same place we had lunch last year.  From Gallup, NM we went to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.  Entering the National Park everyone was on their own, at the end of the park the Motel was only about 25 miles away.  We stayed at the Best Western Motel (the 5th time RFTR has stayed there) and Barbara the motel owner, her daughter and son-in-law fixed BBQed chicken and steak for us for dinner (why would we stay anywhere else?  Of course Barbara had all the side dishes to go along with a great dinner.  After dinner there was parking lot party and then all my riders said goodnight.  Tomorrow is another long day but what a good day, some will see the Grand Canyon.  I will try to post pictures but still having big trouble.

Today there were no U-Turns!!!!!

Shopping at the Continental Divide is something we do every year. And of course we have a couple pictures with the sign.    From here we head for Gallup, NM for a visit to the El Rancho Hotel. Don't ever pass through Gallup without visiting the El Rancho Hotel.  Now it is lunch time.   We head out of Gallup and sometimes you just have to stop and take pictures of the beautiful country. As we enter the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest we have some kids from France that wanted their pictures taken. This is a Petrified Forest Ranger.  Now just some good scenery and Jerry Thelander getting serious about his pictures. I have no idea what country they were from but they were having fun. Boy's will be boys. And Melinda never lost site of her mission for raising money for the Ride.

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