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2013 Day 15

After spending a very relaxing night with my cousins husband Tru Cheek, Jim and I headed to Selma, CA where we are going to have dinner with cousins that I have only met once before in June when they come from California to Illinois to attend my 70th birthday party.  We spent the evening doing a lot of talking and eating, then Jim and I retired to the Holiday Inn for a good nights sleep.

Not many pictures but enjoy.

Tru is out checking the pool and feeding the dog next door.

I am enjoying the coooooooool pool but felt good after all these hot days.

Telling Tru goodbye.

Jim telling Tru goodbye!

A little lunch break in Gorman, California.  It was 102 degrees when we pulled off the road.

Getting ready to get back on the road.  We have 100 miles to go and we did see temperatures of 106.

We are at the cousins in Selma and dinner is being prepared.

This is just the beginning of the best meal we have had on the road.  I was so ready to eat that I didn't take any pictures after all the food was put on the table and the Berry Cobbler was a great end to a wonderful evening. 

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