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2013 Day 2

Day 2,  Lincoln, Illinois to Rolla, Missouri------------------------------------------258 miles.

)was a very eventful and fun day.  We started with a Hot Air Balloon landing (a little rough) right in front of our bikes.  Balloon, pilot and everyone was just fine.  Following that bit of excitement Jim Roberts blessed the bikes and Jim Davis presented everyone with a penny with a cross stamped in the middle and a wonderful story about Jesus being the one cent.

We left Lincoln on time and made our way (in two groups) through Springfield, Illinois and out to the Old Brick Road, then down to the Turkey Tracks (no pictures) and on in the Rabbit Ranch.  We received another nice donation from Rich Henry owner of Rabbit Ranch and seen his new rabbits, bought some stuff, then back on the road.  We arriver at the Flying J Truck Stop about 12:30, got a snack for lunch a little gas and on to the Chain of Rocks bridge, that is always a great experience.

From the Chain of Rocks we went to Ted Drews for frozen custard.  With the temperature 93 degrees a Large Route 66 Root Beer and Malt Concrete was wonderful.  After our great Malts our Leader Steve Conro had to leave us and head back to Batavia (near Chicago).  I do believe this was the 6th year that Steve Conro and Jim Engling was our leaders, and we truly can't thank them enough.

Now from Ted Drews, motorcycles went ever direction, we did have a couple break downs but all is being taken care of, some headed straight for the motel because it was to hot and some just got lost while others just went off and did there own thing.  Bottom line, everyone had a great day, the people with the break downs not so good but will be ok. 

A big thank you goes out to Marvin & Donna Richardson for the Welcome to Cuba sign.  We will see them again in Joplin and look forward to them riding with us for several days. 

We are all now safe and happy in Rolla and looking forward to tomorrow.  Enjoy the few pictures I took today and remember to leave messages for our riders on the guest book.

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