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2006 All the Way Gang


This was just an idea for raising money for the American Cancer Society.  I had no idea if it would work
this year or if it would grow and I would do it year after year.  I know that I am a cancer survivor and I
will do what I can to help find a CURE.  I am hoping there are others that feel the same.

I left Chicago on September 9. I thought I would have several riders to join me at the Navy Pier and ride a portion of the way, but no one showed up, so off I went.

 As I traveled Route 66 more riders would join and some would
leave.  I was the only one who went from Navy Pier to Santa Monica Pier.

 I stood at the end of the Santa Monica Pier knowing I had raised about $3000 to date.  I thanked God for
a safe trip and prayed for guidance for next years ride.  I knew I was on to something.


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