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2016 Events

What I am posting is still not official.  Please keep checking back for changes or additions.  Banquet ticket are $35.00 each.

June 16 is their Relay for Life.  5:00pm until 9:00pm.  We will be a part of their ceremony and there will be a special place for us to park our motorcycles and 4-wheelers.  Also we will be placing our Rocks (color will be announced) on the Court House Lawn, they have the perfect place.
June 17 our host (Chad Bird) and his father Doug Bird (3 time All the Way Gang member) have several day trips planned around the area.  I will guess right now that these trips will be 6 to 8 hours and will take in a lot of beautiful scenery. We will have these all laid out, pick the one you want or the leader you want an go.  When you return this evening we will all meet at a fantastic restaurant that Chad has lined up for a order off the menu on you own dinner.  We are trying to get a shuttle service lined up for the evening.  More on all this later.
June 18 we will have a few short morning trips but have you back in Decorah in time to do a little shopping and to get ready for the 1 Annual Ride for the Relay Banquet at 3pm.    

3:00 pm will be Happy Hour
4:00 pm introduction and stuff
5:00 pm Live Auction
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Special entertainment.
The above is a brief outline of the evening events, I will elaborate more later as we get everything in place.  I keep saying we when I should be say "When Chad get everything in order", he is doing a great job.

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