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day 1 2010


Note to all Riders leaving with us on September 4, 2010. The "All the way Gang" members and all other riders will meet at Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket at 7:30am for Breakfast.  The owner of Dell Rhea's is coming out and fixing breakfast for all of us.  We will depart at 9:am sharp.  To be in the "All the way Gang" you must ride from Dell Rhea's in Chicago to Colton, CA.

There will be two starting locations.  For those that want to do "The Navy Pier" to The Santa Monica Pier (The Pier Group) you will leave the Navy Pier at 7:00am (There will be someone to lead you out of downtown) September 4 and meet up with the "All the way Gang" at Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket.  Please feel free to call me about any questions you may have.  (217-473-1525)

Those going to the Pier from Downers Grove Double Tree Hotel will leave the parking lot at 6am sharp.  You will have Steve Conro or Jim Engling or both to lead you down to the Navy Pier.  You will depart the Navy Pier at 7am headed to Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket, you will meet up with the rest of the group, have breakfast and depart for California at 9am.

Day 1 started great and really ended great.  We had some major problems checking in to our Motel but all in all a wonderful Day, take a look.

6AM and headed for the Navy Pier


Those that didn't go to the Navy Pier went with me to Del Rhea's Chicken Basket for breakfast and to wait on the Navy Pier rider to join us.Now we are out of Chicago and on our way to Springfield, Illinois

More later I am out of time.

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