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Day 3, 2007


Route 66 Missouri metal signLeaving Rolla, Missouri 8am.


What a great day.  We had some more riders to join us, they were friends of Norm  & Alice, plus Michael the owner of Zeno's was our leader all the way to the Devil's Elbow.  This morning, as we do each morning, we had our Blessing of the Bikes at The Devil's Elbow Bridge. The bad part was my wife had to head back home plus my ace photographer went with her.  I will tell you before anyone else, yes I made a wrong turn and we drove about 40 miles out of our way, however the country was so beautiful that the guys want me to get lost like that everyday.  We finally made it to Springfield, Missouri where we were joined by several riders from local chapters. I will be listing all the riders that have been on the trip with us as soon as I can.  Here are today's riders setting in Steak-n-Shake.        
              Anyway there were 17 motorcycles and a yellow thing that left Steak & Shake headed for Joplin and I might add that we had a first for the Ride for the Relay.  (click here for pictures).  We made a stop in Paris Springs Junction, Missouri and talked with Gary.  He gave us all free Root Beer and Cream Soda (Route 66 Soda).  He gave me a book all about Route 66 to auction off for his donation to the American Cancer Society.  Our last stop before Joplin was Red Oak, Missouri.  I was going to take a short flight but Laverne and Shirley beat me to it.  Some people just set and looked at us   like we were silly.  Then there was a "Yellow Thing" that found another Yellow Thing and Doug want to look in to buying this house, we had to get him out of there quick.  Finally we made it to Joplin and to our Hotel where everyone cooled off for a little while, then everyone except the All-the-way Crew headed back home.

Here is part of the All-the-way crew with our new friend Sue (she has a last name I can't say or spell). She is so sweet, brought me out a hat from her local chapter, bought a T-Shirt and went to dinner with us.  Not to mention she had sent a donation for a pin and made another donation today.  The best part, Sue is going to lead us out of Joplin on Old Route 66 in the morning.



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