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day 7 2010


Santa Rosa, New Mexico to Grants, New Mexico

Today we went right to Santa Fa, NM, I want to tell you that Jerry Thelander (All the Way Gang 2008) was the leader for this part of the trip and did a wonderful job of mapping out our route in and out of Santa Fa.  From there we went to Albuquerque and drove Old Route 66 from the east side to the west.  On the west end of Albuquerque we stopped at Bobby Unser's house just to take some pictures because Bobby had told me that he wouldn't home.  Much to our surprise Bobby and Lisa come out to greet us, sign autograph and take bunches of pictures.  I hope I can get some of them posted.  The computer is really giving me problems, I will do the best I can.

Jerry Thelander to us right to Santa Fa and we joined right in with the locals at a festival in down town Santa Fa.  These boys were relaxed, I am not sure what these girls were doing, and this vender was playing music.  Santa Fa was fun but we had to move on to Albuquerque with a stop at Bobby Unser's house.  I had talked to Bobby a couple days before we arrived and he told me they would not be home but stop by and take pictures and check the place out.  Well to my surprise Bobby and his wife Lisa were home and come out and made us feel very welcome.  Enjoy the following picture of Bobby and our riders.

Bobby and Lisa are always great host and next year they want to put together a Bar-B-Q for all the Riders.  We will keep you up to date on that. Just west of Albuquerque is this very historic bridge,  and you never know what you might see on Route 66.

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