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Day 10, 2007


Route 66 Arizona metal signRoute 66 California metal signLeaving Kingman, Arizona at 8am.



We had quit and unusual night in Kingman, Arizona.  The Brunswick Hotel was closed so they left keys for us in their mail box and we just had full run of the Hotel.  Some of us had rooms with bathrooms and some had to share the bathroom down the hall.  We all had ear plugs in the room (we really did) because trains come past this place about every 30 minutes with horns going.  All in all it was quite and experience, we never did see the owner (Jason) but his wife come in this morning to get a bottle of wine and to say hello.   We pulled out of Kingman, AZ  headed for Oatman, AZ on one of the most beautiful drives of the trip .  Here I am posing with Ed in the back ground  Norm is just enjoying Doug is loving the whole thing and John just don't want the trip to end  Alice was off exploring and I didn't get her picture.  We went on up the road to Sitgreaves Pass (Elevation 3550) and took a nice break.  Who knows what these to are doing.  Sometimes I just like to take beautiful pictures.  I went climbing up the mountain and took this picture  From this point it is down hill to Oatman, AZ  We got to Oatman about 9:30, just a little early for all the action.  There were a few shops open so we just piddled around    John looks like he lost his head.  Doug fool'n with the Yellow Thing  Ed taking pictures and Norm and Alice getting information or something form one of the locals .  This is Diamond Lil and her husband and the minute Lil's husband turns his back there is Doug .  I only did this so Doug wouldn't get in trouble, and it ended up looking like I have a feather coming out of my head..  Lil's husband buddy up to Ed because Ed was the only on not miss'n with his wife.  Our Japanese friends got in on the act too..  Then a very funny thing happened, a tour bus come into town and Diamond Lil's husband and the the boys were to hold up this bus .  The funny part was it was the wrong bus.  We left Oatman headed to Needles, CA.  Ed's GPS said that the temperature in Needles was 114 degrees.  We made it across the desert with no problems, stopped for a water break in Amboy, CA and then on to Ludwig, Ca for lunch. .  We got checked in the Holiday Inn in Barstow, CA and called the wives then some of us went to dinner and I would like to report that Doug had nothing to do with this dummy .

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