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Day 14, 2007


Leaving the Hampton Inn in San Bernardino, California I said goodbye to some new friends, Jim and Carol Tuck, from up state New York.  We first ran into this couple in Missouri and then it seamed every time we turned around they we there.  What a great couple.  From there I headed to Palm Springs to see my friends Bill and Michelle Currier and their goofy dog .  I have been friend with these guys for years and believe me I could tell story after story about the times we spent together.  Sue and I have had the pleasure of spend Christmas, New Years and other fun days these guys and all there relatives, they consider us family.  Her are a few shots of their house which is getting a total remodel job on the inside. Total excitement because they now have 6 lights working in the kitchen .The outside is beautiful .  The neighborhood had a little excitement with a false alarm. .  After a little cleanup from Michelle we were off to dinner and had a great meal, prime rib to die for.

  (Doug eat your heart out).  We had a really cool waitress. and a great night out .


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