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day 10 2009


Kingman, Arizona to Barstow, California
Leave at 8am arrive approximately 6pm

Well today started with letting everyone sleep in for an extra hour.  We pulled out of the Motel in Kingman at 9am and headed to Oatman, AZ.  What a great ride through some fantastic country.  Here are just a few pictures taken at the summit . If you look in the group pictures you can see a little of the road but you can't really tell how narrow it is and how sharp the 180 degree corners were.  It was the trip of a life time for Virginia 'Little Tank" Staeger.  She is not brand new at riding but had never road on anything but flat land, no mountains, no little roads without guard rails and great big drop offs.  She wasted no time telling me about it. and she will want to kick my butt for posting all these pictures.  Her husband Roy was a proud of her as I was.

Just about 8 miles on down the road from the Summit is Oatman.  I didn't take many pictures outside because I had ordered a small Peach Fry Bread and because it was early in the morning, it took them a long time to get my food then it took a long time to eat my food, a big thank you to Page Parrish III for helping finish that thing off.  Now just enjoy some of the pictures I took in the Saloon.

From Oatman we headed to Needles, CA where it was only about 95 degrees and as we headed into the Mojave Desert the tempature dropped a little and it never got really hot all the way to Amboy, CA. We took a short break at Roy's in Amboy then on to Ludlow, Ca were we took a longer break and enjoy cold drinks and a little food. 

We arrived in Barstow about 5pm and relaxed until 6:30, then everyone gathered to go to the Sizzler Steak House.  It was in walking distance, however there was on little problem a fence was in the way.  This group would not let a little thing like that stop them
I do find it interesting that we did this at the Taco Bell.  Here are most of the group that crawled through the fence.  Can you all say illegal? This is all my people, they look like they just crawled out of the U-Haul. 
On the way back they did the same thing.

Now enjoy a few pictures during supper.


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