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Success Stories

The following eMail come from Jerry Thelander,  Castle Rock, Colorado.  Referring to this years (2015) Ride for the Relay.  Jerry is 3 time "All the way Gang" member but has been on at least 6 of our rides and is contributing factor to what we do in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  You will meet Jerry this year as he is going all the way again. 

The list is growing!!!  I hope you are keeping your sanity in check.  
I was talking to a lady taking reservations in Kingman, AZ.  I asked her if she was going to be there when we arrived, and she said she would be.

What she said next I thought you would like to know.  She said the RFTR group was the group she most looked forward to seeing and said they are the nicest group she has all year.  Nothing but compliments for the riders and their attitude, even when things aren't perfect.  
I was so moved by her compliment that I thought how fortunate to be part of this story.  I also thought that you must also be proud to know that those you have guided for the last 10 years have made such a positive impact not only on cancer, but on the lives we encounter along the way. Things like this invigorate the soul and make the tough spots easier to endure.


2011 found Marie Riley and Craig Johnson very happy about their part in the Ride for the Relay and becoming a part of the "All the Way Gang".  Here is what Marie had to say:

"I can not tell you just how much both Craig & I absolutely enjoyed our Route 66 experience.  All the wonderful people we met, the new friends we made, all the lessons that we learned and so many experiences!  Not to mention Bikes & Scenery!  I could go on and on.  It was all just so very wonderful!
                 Marie Riley, Centerville, Massachusetts

The following is a quote from one of our All the Way Gang riders Garry Mizer who was on the 2010 Ride for the Relay.  I could not have said it better: 

"This was the first of, I hope, many Ride for the Relay trips I'll be making. It isn't difficult to explain the emotional highs and low of the 2010 Ride for the Relay trip. The excitement of leaving Navy Pier, in Downtown Chicago, during the early morning hours of September 4th with 2441 miles to go. The friendships that you make with the other riders and the accomplishment of making the ride pier to pier are all high points of the trip.  Other high points included the beautiful scenery along the way, riding hard to stay on the edge of tropical storm Hermine and not to be forgotten.. a quick stop at the Grand Canyon. For me, there was also a low point, when we said good-bye at the Santa Monica Pier. We had each traveled the length of Rt 66, which is quite an accomplishment. Each rider went out of their way to help others to make sure we all made the trip safely, saw some beautiful country, and developed friendships that will last the test of time. You have to join us next year!
                                                           Gary Mizer, Lebanon, Ohio

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