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Day 4, 2007


Route 66 Missouri metal signRoute 66 Kansas metal signRoute 66 Oklahoma metal signLeaving Joplin, Missouri at 8am.


Our new friend Sue Pequignot, with MO-X Chapter in Joplin, MIssouri (also known as 66 Wings), was our leader this morning. She took us pass one of Joplin's larger single family dwellings (no joke this a single family living there)(I don't how he made his money).  She turned back to Joplin when we got to Kansas,  Thank you Sue, see you next year.

The Blue Whale is something you just have to stop and see.  Now I have to mention that we stopped in Claremore, Oklahoma and put on our rain gear because it was looking really rainy.  No sooner had we got back on the street and it just opened up.  We pulled off the side of the road because we couldn't see.  When it let up a little we made our way to Kentucky Fried Chicken  to have an early lunch.  It was still really raining hard when we went in and it looked like someone had dumped 10 gallons of water in the floor after we walked in.  We ended up leaving in the rain and rode all the way to Bristow, Oklahoma before removing our rain gear.  Finally we were back on dry roads.  Somewhere between Bristow and Arcadia, Oklahoma, Randy Howland    joined us and showed us a few sites ,  Randy took us all the way to our Motel, then he had to take off right away to help his wife.  They are Houseparents at the Baptist Children's Home.

At 6:pm (1800 hours to Dawg) Cary "Dawg" Beagle come to the Motel and we followed him out to a park where we had way to much food.  Doug, Ed, Dave and myself we the only ones to make it out to the BB-Q, John, Norm and Alice don't know what they missed.  What a great group of people, I can hardly wait until next year.  They presented us with a picture taken of all there group at Tinker Air Force Base, that was very very special.  A big THANK YOU goes out to the whole group and especially my new friend "Dawg".




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