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2015 Follow our Ride

Please check the drop down menu to see what we do day after day.  Be patient with us as this a time consuming effort and if we happen to be at a motel where we can't get Wi-Fi then we can't post.  So keep checking back and go to our GUEST BOOK and give us you comments as we go along. 

Days before Ride Sept 3/4

2015 Riders

9/5/15 Day #1            9/6/15 Day #2            9/7/15 Day #3

  9/8/15 Day #4            9/9/15 Day #5            9/10/15 Day #6

      9/11/15 Day #7            9/12/15 Day #8            9/13/15 Day #9

            9/14/15 Day #10            9/15/15 Day #11            9/16/15 Day #12

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