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2013 Tribute

If you would like to dedicate a portion of Route 66, during our 2013 Ride for the Relay, to someone who is fighting the battle with cancer, a care giver or someone you have lost in your life, send me their name and some information on them and what portion you want to dedicate.  Just eMail me the information and a picture if possible to  the more information the better.


Here is a dedication that is just a little different but if you were on the Ride for the Relay 2011 or 2012 you became a friend to "Big Red" at Henry's Rabbit Ranch.  Henry has asked that a portion of Old Route 66 be decicated to "Big Red".

“Big Red was a rescue rabbit, like the rest here at Henry's Rabbit Ranch, who came here in 2010.  His reign was short lived with him passing away December 20, 2012.  He was quite the GENTLE GIANT and loved all the attention he received from the 66 travelers.  His memory continues now with a Route 66 TV Illinois tourism commercial.  Viva Big Red !!  I would like to dedicate the Staunton 1930-1940 route to Big Red.

This dedication come to us from Richard Neer (All the Way Gang 2011)
Hello Rodger.  Here is a picture of my sister-in-law who passed away from cancer Nov. 2012.   I would like to dedicate the ride from Colton California to the Santa Monica Pier in L.A.

Shan Neer passed away on Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 from complications of cancer treatment.  She was born in England in 1946.  After graduating from high school in the US, Shan married my brother Philip.  They operated a dairy farm and raised 6 children together.  Throughout her adult life Shan enjoyed scrapbooking, reading, and camping in their Winnebago which my brother rebuilt after the Xenia tornado in 1974.  Most of all, Shan valued her faith in God and her family.  When she was diagnosed with cancer in her sinuses in her mid 40's, she underwent surgery and harsh radiation treatment.  She continued to live life to the fullest and seldom complained, often expressing gratitude for each day of life, but the treatment caused progressive deterioration in her immune system, respiratory issues and inability to eat, and finally took her life.   She is missed not only by her family, but also by her church and community friends.

I have requested that we dedicate a part of our ride in honor of my sister-in-law.  Watching her more than 20-year brave battle with cancer, has motivated me to make even more effort to raise contributions for our cause, (to find a cure) as well as do the ride myself.


I request we dedicate the section of Route 66 from Chicago to Joliet to his memory.

Roger W. Peterson grew up in Chicago. 

Roger lived most of his life in Chicago.  Roger met his wife, to be, Ruth Anderson while at a Lutheran Church Camp.  Ruth lived in Joliet, IL and in their days of dating Roger made the trip from Chicago to Joliet every week-end.  Shortly after meeting Ruth he went to work for the U.S. Postal Service as a carrier.  His career was interrupted by World War II when he entered the United States Navy serving in the Philippines.  After the war he returned to continue working for the U.S. Postal Service.  Roger retired in 1970 and moved to Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin where they owned and operated the "R & R Resort" on Fence Lake.  He died of cancer in 1972.

I am requesting that the portion of our ride from Chicago to Joliet be dedicated to my father Roger W. Peterson, as he drove this stretch of our ride often because of his love for my mother and we drove it often together as a family to visit our relatives in Joliet. 

Thank you,
Norman C. Peterson

A Special Survivor Mike Spivack's 90 year old mom Anna Spivack Lawrence.

This is a photo of my 90 year old mother Anna, her granddaughter and great granddaughter.

A mother of 2, grand mother of 3, great grand mother of 8.
Among her many accomplishment she was the first licensed female cab driver in Massachusetts.
At 90 years of age she has only seen the inside of a hospital 3 times in her life, until now. 
She is as spry and agile as a teenager.

She was just diagnosed with cancer of the cervix and will begin radiation August 16th.

She is my mom and very important to me.  I have had her in my life for 68 years and and would like a few more.  She says she wants 10 more years to aggravate me and that's ok with me.

Any and all prayers and thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Gary and Patti Gallo ask that there be a special dedication to Patti's mom (Anne T. Paul).  So we will dedicate a portion of the Ride to this lovely lady.  I (Rodger Fox) had the honor of having breakfast with this beautiful lady in April and I know how much she is missed.

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