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Day 3 - 9/5

Rolla, Missouri to Joplin, Missouri

We left Rolla, after a very nice motel stay, and headed to Devil's Elbow.  Still traveling in two groups but we a come together at the Devil's Elbow for a group photo.  From there we traveled through some of the most beautiful country Missouri has to offer.  Around Lebanon, MO we picked up some more riders and a police escort on into the Kentwood Hall in Springfield, Missouri where we had lunch in the Crystal Ball Room.  From there we were escorted (over 50 motorcycles and 5 auto's) out to the county line.  Then traveling on west to Paris Springs and Gary Turner's place where he had fresh watermelon (he grew it) and Root Beer for everyone.  From Gary's we wondered through more great Missouri Landscape on in to Joplin.

Chris Byers, his family and staff presented us with a fantistic BBQ at no charge to any of the Ride for the Relay people.  We did pass the hat for Chris and collected $283 which was presented to him, I told you that to tell you this, he gave every penny back to the Ride for the Relay. I don't know what to say other than, THANK YOU CHRIS.  Also the families that we helped out in Joplin took a little time at dinner to thank everyone for what we did.  Check their kids out in the pictures below, how sweet each one of the was.  God Bless all the People of Joplin.  Our evening BBQ ended with Crazy Legs turning his feet around backwards for everyone.  In the picture below you can see his face but believe me his feet are pointing backwards.

I would like to say that these pictures are not in order, time is not on our side most of the time, I am sorry for that but enjoy anyway..
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