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Day 11 - 9/13

Barstow, Ca to Colton, Ca

A short and fun day, we sorta stayed in one large group to start.  At 8am we went to the Barstow Museum and I seen a lot of buying going on in the gift shop.  Most everyone signed Debora's guest book and received a collector Route 66 Barstow pin and a picture with the National Route 66 Ambassador, Terry Kafides.

Leaving Barstow in one large group (Terry rode with me, her first ever ride on a motorcycle) we headed to Victorville but took a stop at the Bottle Forest on the way.  What a hoot, this guy is right out of the 60's.

Leaving the Bottle Forest we went to the Summitt Diner in Victorville and had a little lunch.  Jim Conkle joined us and welcomed everyone to Route 66 California.  From the Summitt several took off on their own and a bunch of us went to the first McDonald's and then to the Motel at about 3pm.

Enjoy the photo's that Paul Boivin took with my camera today.

I will try and post them again tomorrow.

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