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day 6 2009


Amarillo, Texas to Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Leave at 8am arrive approximately 6pm

Today was a another great day.  Everyone relaxed and having a good time.  Some riders went on a side trip this morning
and the rest of us headed out to Cadillac Ranch.  All the people in the pictures are riders, there are no other tourist out there.
Next we went to Adrian, Texas the half way point on our trip and the home of The Ugliest Pie Crust.  We all had pie.
From there we went to Tucumcari, NM, had my trailer light fixed, ate lunch at the Pow Wow Cafe.
Then off to Billy the Kids real grave site and just by chance Billy the Kids great granddaughter  was there.
We arrive in Santa Rosa, NM about 4pm.  At 6pm the Hampton Inn had a cold cut dinner for us, it was great.

Sorry I didn't explain the pictures better but it is late and 6am comes early.  Love you all.


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