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2015 Dedication Tribute

Richard Earl Neer

(March 13, 1948-May 30, 2014)

(All the Way Gang 2011 & 2013)

Richard was first diagnosed with head and neck cancer in August of 1998.  During the next 16 years he experienced 4 more cancer episodes involving his lungs.  All in all, he was treated with 2 rounds of radiation, 2 rounds of chemotherapy and 4 major surgeries.  Doctors were astounded by his recoveries and repeated survival.  But that did not come without a strong will to persevere and to experience an abundant life everyday he lived.  Richard loved riding motorcycles, not only for the “freedom” riding provided, but also for the people he met and treasured as he rode around the country.  He especially enjoyed two Ride for the Relay trips on Route 66 for both of those reasons.  In May of 2014, Richard looked forward to riding the infamous “dragon” in Tennessee.  However, he only made it halfway before he missed a curve and went down.  His already compromised lungs were unable to overcome the injuries and God granted his request to not die from cancer, but rather while riding his motorcycle.  He died just 3 months after being declared cancer free.  We know he was welcomed into the open arms of his Savior, Jesus Christ, but he is missed by his wife, Esther, his children and grandchildren, all of whom he cherished.

Richard lived by a verse from the Bible that he often quoted.  “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”  Psalm 139:16


Survivor Michelle Mays

      I would like to dedicate someone.... our son Tom's friend was diagnosed in early July with mucoepedermoid carcinoma in the roof of her mouth.....Yeah, I know....
     She had surgery to remove a good sized nodule in the roof of her mouth that showed this awful cancer, so then she had to go back after more testing and they cut out farther in the roof of her mouth (they call it margins).... Looong story short version, she is finally beginning to heal pretty well, and after this last surgery they feel they have cut out enough now, that she is cancer free (at the moment)... She has been one darn great trooper through all of this.  She has two teen boys and is an LPN that works for the state.  Her attitude has been remarkable and she truly is an inspiration to everyone around her.. Her faith shines (even when the medicine has made things not so nice)....
      Her name is Michelle Mays, and she truly is a "wonder woman" of the best kind!!! ( I made her a wonder woman cape)  (We are praying she gets to ride with him for awhile.....that's why they are not going any farther than st. louis area....her stamina is still weak, at times..
     I really feel, being an oncology nurse in the past, that we also need to reflect on the survivors....cancer is a dreadful disease in any shape or form, but, at times, it can be beaten!!   If it's too late, I hoping to get this dedication in...



My friend's name is Brian Dawson, he lost the battle with pancreatic cancer April 3, 2014 at the age of 60.  RIP Brian, your friend Steve Hammond.
Peggy Owens Chaves, Mother of 5, Passed on November 2, 2012 (all souls day) from Giulio Blastemal (Brain Cancer).

Peggy lived in New Mexico therefore would like Day 7 Santa Rosa, NM to Acoma, NM dedicated to her memory.
David & Patti Jones, part of our Ride for the Relay family wanted to dedicate this years ride to Shelly.

Shelly was our secretary for 16 years and was the glue that kept the office together. She was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in November 2013 after feeling "out of sorts" for a few months. She fought the good fight but sadly lost her battle on August 11, 2014. She will forever be missed but never forgotten.


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