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Day 1 - 9/3

Chicago, Illinois to Springfield, Illinois

After a good 4pm meeting and 5:30pm cold cut dinner where we ran out of some of the food we made it through the night just great.  It was really nice seeing all the new Riders and meeting the old timers again.  We all really missed Switch & Bate and Stan & Laura and several others I am sure.  

We started our morning leaving the Doubletree Inn at 7am and headed for the Navy Pier.  At the Pier we took several pictures and headed out.  This year broke up into two groups and it worked rather well.  I don't have the actual count by we had close to 50 motorcycles and probable 5 four wheelers.  

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I have my assistant Kathy Revels,  Brian's wife, helping with all this posting.  So keep checking back from the first day on, we are going to try and put something really different and cool for you daily updates.   Use the Guest Book and let us know you are watching and what you think of what we are doing.

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