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day 9 2009


Holbrook, Arizona to Kingman, Arizona
Leave at 8am arrive approximately 6pm


The day started with several riders and a couple 4 wheelers going to the Grand Canyon.  Those of us that were left behind because we had seen the Grand Canyon started our day at the Wig Wom Motel.  Our new found friend Cort let everyone go in and look at this room.  After leaving Holbrook, AZ we headed to Winslow, AZ.  The 9/11 memorial is at the entrance of Winslow and the two beams you see sticking up in the air, are beam from the World Trade Center.  Now we are standing on the corner, you know the song.   We went from the corner to the Historic La Posada Hotel and took about a 30 minute break then on to Flagstaff, AZ where Jim Conkle was waiting to greet us.

 We had a nice lunch at "The Place" Took pictures with the girls.  I might mention this is the 3rd year we have stopped here and while we eat the waitress's sell our pins to the customers.  It is cool that they remember us year after year  We told Jim and the girls goodbye and headed for Seligman, AZ.  The first stop was at Famous Snow Cap Drive-In Then a visit with Marlyn and I introduced Willie to her.  Down the street we found Angel Delgadillo.  You should look up information about Angel and his barber shop. This is Angel, he is truly a Route 66 icon.  Eric loving on some cardboard but he thought it was real.  Down to Roadkill Cafe   then on the Hackberry.  These people were from another countrythe watch dog was in his own worldand the rest of the place was out of this world. from Hackberry we drove a beautiful drive (30 miles) into Kingman, AZ.  Had Supper at the Dam Bar & Grill Steak House.  I am full, tired and loving all these great people I am riding with.

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