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Mini-Ride Riders List

This will be a list of those going on the Mini Ride for the Relay May 7th.  We ask that you fill out the Sponsor form and get it to us before the ride but you can also bring it with you to Springfield, Illinois, no problem.  Remember we are asking for a $33 donation for each Rider.
Rodger L. Fox, Founder of Ride for the Relay, Jacksonville, Illinois will be leading the Ride.
 Full Name  Nick Name  City State 
 Brian Revels    Mason  Michigan
 David Jones  Switch  Racine      Wisconsin
 Patti Jones  Bait
 Racine  Wisconsin
 Jim Nichols  Red Light  Quincy  Illinois
 Steve Conro    Batavia  Illinois
 Bobby Taylor  Road Kill    Texas
 Roy & Virginia Steager  Her "Little Tank"  Springfield  Illinois
 Elmer Gueldener  Snowman  Springfield  Illinois
 Garry Mizer    Lebanon  Ohio
 Abert & Fran Carroll    Petersberg  Illinois
 Sue Fox      Boss Lady  Jacksonville  Illinois
 Dale & Patty Osborne    Jacksonville  Illinois
 John Ford    Jacksonville  Illinois
 Michael Shelts    Jacksonville  Illinois
 Janet Shelts    Jacksonville  Illinois
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