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day 2 2009


Springfield, Illinois to Rolla, Missouri
Leave at 8am arrive approximately 6pm

  Day two early morning we are getting ready pull out of the Route 66 Motel.  Because of the weather, people and time I took no pictures of us leaving.  Other riders took pictures and I will see if they will let me use their's.

Our first stop was at Henry's Rabbit Ranch.  It was a little wet but we just put up with it and had a good time.  Check the pictures.

From Henry's we headed to the Chain of Rocks but first we stopped for some lunch at the Flying J.
However we weren't without a little trouble.  Ed and Ann Tokarz had a oil leak (transmission fluid).
Ed and Bobby "Road Kill" Taylor worked on this for about an hour and a half, got it fixed and all is good.

On to the Chain of Rocks, check it out.  I might mention as we were entering the bridge, a lady stopped us and gave me a hard time.
Telling me that we could not take a motorized vehicle on to the bridge.  I told her that I had written permission and unless she was the law
I wasn't going to dig out the letter and I went on and she started making phone calls (for the law I think).  Well as luck would have it, the man
who gave me permission was on the bridge and had forgot to tell his wife (the lady that stopped me) so he told her and we all hugged
and things were great.  Then we just enjoyed the experience. 

Some just looking in wonder some posing for pictures

There were even some wanting to put together a calendar I had a couple ideas for them but it didn't happen.

Then there were some that just got a little huggy.

Then there was on guy just trying to get a picture to make the cover of Wing World.


Following the Chain of Rocks Bridge we went to Ted Drew's for ice cream.  I did not take one picture,
but I did meet Ted Drew, her took me inside his place and personally made me a hot fudge
sundae and gave it to me free.  He was really great and there were several pictures.  I will see if I can get
some pictures from someone else and post them.

From there we headed to Zeno's where we first seen our friend Sister Bonnie, a nun from Chicago.

On the left is Bonnie.  On the right is her friend The Smok'n German

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