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Day 7 - 9/9

Santa Rosa, NM to Grants by way of Santa Fe, NM

Another super day.  I think the high temp to was in the low 60's.  The weather stayed cool and mostly cloud covered until about 5 and we got a little rain on our way into Grants.  All in all a super day.

We started with one group going to Santa Fe for the yearly festitable and the other group headed to Madrid, NM (Town in the movie Wild Hog".  We had a few people to get side tracked and spend a day having fun on their own.

After the Santa Fe and Madrid (several of us had lunch in the Mine Shaft) experience we all met back up at Bobby Unser's house in Albuquerque, NM.  As usual Bobby and his wife Lisa were great.  Lisa invited everyone to tour their home (take off your shoe's please) and Bobby hung outside with me and the few that didn't go in the house,

Check out the pictures and I hope today they load in order.  Hotel connection problems, I keep getting cut off the internet before I can get the pictures posted.  I will try tonight to get up to date.

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