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Day 13, 2007

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It is a very unusual day.  I go out front of the motel and there is no Yellow Thing, no motorcycles at all except my own.  It give me a since of sadness to be without the rest of the "All the way Gang" but also give me a feeling a Job Well Done by All.  So I get over it and start my day as I usually do posting the web site.  Then get my laundry done while my friend Terry is bored to tears and I force him to read my copy of Wing World .  Having gotten all my chores out of the way, Terry and I run around the car show after the Open Ceremonies  and spend some time with my friend Jim Conkle .  When in California you see some strange things.  Then you see some touching things.  This motorcycle was built by Orange County Choppers in tribute to the California Highway Patrol's Fallen Offers .  Then for some of the sites    Doug eat your heart out .   Then we got to attend a wedding at the Car Show.  The groom had on a brand new T-Shirt that matched his spike haircut and I just can't say enough about the brides polka dot dress with the matching paper flowers in her hair and Jim Conkle giving them a warm wish..  The wedding took place on stage at the car show .  The best man and the brides maid were also dressed for the occasion .  The real deal was when the bride and groom pulled out on the street in there 48 Chevy .  Wedding over now a few sites at the show and call it a night   .


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