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Day 11, 2007


Route 66 California metal signLeaving Barstow, California at 8am.



From the Holiday Inn Express we went to a Route 66 Museum in Barstow.  The Museum is normally closed on Tuesday but this very nice lady took time out of her to open just for us.  Everyone of us found something in the Museum we wanted. Doug wanted to loose weight.  From there we headed to Victorville, CA where we stopped at probably one of the most unusual places on the whole trip.  I will call it the bottle forest and was owned by on of the most unusal men we have seen.  This is him on the left he is also in this group somewhere.  From the bottle forest we followed Old Route 66 through Victorville out to the Summitt Cafe.  where we met up with Route 66 Preservation Foundation's Founder and CEO Jim Conkle we ate a little lunch and got to spend a little time with the owner of the Summit Inn and check out the booth Elvis always set in then on to San Bernardino to check in to out last motel for the Ride for the Relay.


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