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day 7 2009


Santa Rosa, New Mexico to Grants, New Mexico
Leave at 8am arrive approximately 6pm

Today's ride was one of the best days we have had.  The weather was great and everything went so well. 
I was so relaxed that I just didn't take many pictures.

We had a nice breakfast in Santa Rosa and hit the road to Santa Fe, NM.  He we are waiting for the others to catch up.  We just come out of down town Santa Fe.  On the south end of Santa Fe we found a Sonic Drive Inn and made ourselves at home, did I mention that I got free ice cream and Roy told the manager some big story about being my right hand man and they gave him ice cream too. From Santa Fe we headed straight to Albuquerque, NM.  We just drove through down town on Old Route 66 and ended up at Bobby Unser house.  Bobby and his wife Lisa were not home so we just took pictures and hit the road.   Just west of Albuquerque is this old bridge .  We got our picture and headed to Grants, NM for the night. Big Jim "Red Light" Nichols and Vikki getting ready to move out and Jerry is looking over the maps   The Pauls are just glad to be here

Once in awhile there is just a special picture, thank Roger and Roy for being good models.

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