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Day 2 - 9/4

Springfield, Illinois to Rolla, Missouri

All in all it was a good day.  It didn't start just that way but by 10 or 10:30 it became a good day.  This morning we had no more than got started, over 40 motorcycles and I think 4 auto's and one Jeep, when it started raining so we pulled into a car wash in Chatham, Illinois to put on our rain gear (it was really raining hard), we just got started (with rain gear on) when a bike broke down and we stopped to help with that, we get him going and we make our way out the Old Brick Road of Route 66 to find out that the road was closed, so we had to double back and do our route a little different.  This and having several more motorcycles this year put us a little behind.

We didn't let time take away from our fun, we had lunch at a Truck Stop, then on to the Chain of Rocks Bridge and there were 46 motorcycles that crossed to the bridge.  From the bridge some of the Group that had rode before decided to by pass St. Louis and they took off, the rest of us went right to Ted Drew's for ice cream, yogurt, frozen custard whatever it is, it is good.  Below you will see a picture of people at Ted Drew's waiting for the frozed delite.

At Ted Drews (3pm) some decided to head straight to the motel but most of us hard core Route 66 people took the Mother Road all the way to Rolla and we arrived about 7:30.

The tempature was from 66 to 78 all day, perfect for riding.  IT WAS A GOOD DAY.
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