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2015 Riders/Travelers

2015 Participates
This is our New Participates Page for 2015.
If you have signed up and paid your sponsorship donation, your name will appear.
Rider/Traveler Package:  $132 - This Includes:  T-Shirt, Cap, Windshield Decal, 5 Raffle Tickets, All the way Gang Plaque and ATWG Patch.  (you must go all the way to get the patch and plaque).

Passanger Package:  $132 - This includes:  T-Shirt, Pin Cap, Windshield Decal, 10 Raffle Tickets, All the way Gang Plaque and ATWG Patch.  (you must go all the way to get the patch and plaque).

Non-Rider Bronze Sponsor:   $33
Non-Rider Silver Sponsor:  $66
Non-Rider Gold Sponsor:  $132
Pin Sponsor:  $330
- donation helps buy pins and gets your name on the back of the T-Shirt.
Corporate Sponsor:  $660 - donation.  They will receive special mention at all functions when possible, their name on the back of the T-Shirts, pins and any stickers that we may be using.  Not all Corporate Sponsors donate money, some help in other ways such as advertising.

XA = Rider/Driver going all the way
XP  = Rider/Driver going part way  
Colored Name means you are a member of the "All the Way Gang".
 Countries represented this year (2015) = 2
                         States represented this year (2015) = 17 + Canada
        Motorcycles represented for  (2015) = 74
       Number of riders represented (2015) = 131
         Cars, trucks, jeeps, etc for  (2015)  =  8
Motor Home-----------------------------   = 1
NOTE:  If you see something that isn't correct please let me know.  If there is                  information you would like to have on here let me know, I will do what I can. 

*Please note Randy Schuler, Tucson, AZ is dropping out of the Ride because of a very serious accident, he assures me that he will heal 100% but he had a lot of injuries.  If you would like to wish Randy Well just click here on GUEST BOOK and wish him well.
Randy contacted me on Aug 23 and told me his recovery is really going well, he is almost ready to ride but not just yet, however he is going to meet us in Winslow, AZ so that he can get his goody bag but mostly to meet all the people.  Randy we look forward to meeting you and the RED is coming off you name on the list.

As you see your name appear, if I don't have the number of years you been on the Ride correct,  please eMail me this information
Name  City    State  Years on Ride  All the Way Gang  #on Ride 
 Rodger L Fox Jacksonville  XA IL  9 times 
Susan D. Fox  Jacksonville  XA IL 9 1st year  2 
 Steve Conro Batavia  XX IL  8  Honorary 9 times   3 
Gary Gallo  Morris  XA  IL  6
Jim Engling  Glen Ellyn  XA  IL  8 6 5
Brian Revels  Mason XA MI 6
Kevin Revels  Mason  XA   MI  1 5 7
 Gregory Peters Gifford  XA  IL  1st year    8
 Roy & Virginia Staeger Springfield  XA  MO   7 1   10
Jim & Wanda Panetta  Houston  XA  MO    12
 Gary Indorf Wooster XA OH 3 3  13
 Matt Indorf Wooster  XA   OH 2  14
Dan Calhoon  Kansas City  XA   KS 6  6  15
Paul Boivin  Deerfield  XA  OH  16
Sara Boivin  Deerfield  XA   OH  1 17 
Bobby Taylor  Murchison  XA TX   6 18 
Terry & Norma Theroit Breaux Bridge  XA  LA   3 20 
Jim Nichols  Quincy  XA  IL   7 21 
 Norm & Mary Peterson  Rhinelander XA WI  2  23
Tom & Paula Zandstra  Comstock Park  XA  MI  1st year    25
Bobby & Cherie Smith  New Boston  XA  IL  7  1  27
Darrell & DeeDee Smith  New Boston  XA  IL 5  1  29
Bruce Burditt  Auburn  XA  KS 1st year    30
Albert Fortin  Marstons Mills  XA  MA  1st year    31
 Bruce Williams  Winston-Salem XA  NC  3  3  32
Steve & Kathy Belew  Springboro  XA  OH  1st year    34 
Dennis & Sue Schultz  Whitehall  XA  MI  2  2 36 
 Trey & Tammy Stroup Millstadt  XA  IL  1st year    38 
David & Faye Paul   Dayton XA OH  1   1 40 
 Steven Veltman  Montague XA  MI  1st year     41
Steve Hammond  Montague  XA  MI  1st year    42
Tressa Hammond  Montague  XA MI  1st year    43
Linda Wise  Dayton  XA   OH 1st year    44
 Steve & Michele Eddington Vail XA  AZ  1st year    46
 Buzz & Marinan Brewer Dothan  XA  AL  3   2 48
 Ernie Froese Winkler   XA  MB   2  2 49
 Jack & Laura Schultz Montague  XA  MI 1st year    51
 Don Hill Springfield  XA  IL  1st year    52
Butch & Judy(Joyce)Royse  Hamilton  XA  OH  2   2 54
Gene McGaughey  Green Valley XA  AZ  1st year    55
Jean McGaughey  Green Valley  XA AZ  1st year    56
 Sam & Donna Peterson Cincinnati  XA  OH  1st year    58
 Randy Schuler  Tucson XP   AZ 1st year    59
Ed & Susan Roberts   East Alton XA   IL 1  1  61
 Wayne & Shirley Schmidt Moro  XA  IL  1st year    63
 Walter & Jean Potwora Wood River  XA  IL  1st year    65
 Doug & Linda Bird  Waverly XA  IA   2  2 67
Janet Shelts  Jacksonville  XA  IL  8  1st year  68 
 Nancy L. Hopkins Edinburg  XA IL  1st year    69 
Loren & Melinda Hiser  Oreana  XA  IL  1   1 71 
 Bob Lee Martinsville  XA  IN  1   72 
 Harold & Linda Baldock Owaneco  XA  IL  1  1 74 
Patti "Bait" Jones  Racine  XP  WI   5   75 
Dave "Switch" Jones  Racine  XP  WI  6   76 
 Terry Peters  Winkler XA  CAN   1st year   77 
 Delmar & Joyce Miller Chenoa  XA  IL  3  2  79 
 Rick & Di Coons Bloomington  XA  IL  2  1  81 
Page Parrish III  Sparland  XA  IL  3  2  82 
Vikki Kirsch  Quincy  XA  IL  4  4  83 
 Wilson Nichols Washington  XP  PA  5    84 
 Jerry Thelander Castle Rock  XA  CO   6 3  85 
 John & Jewel Tuey  Staunton XA IL  1st year   87 
Wes & Carol Doniff   Edwardsville XA  IL   1st year    89 
 Kurt Kardoskee Scottsdale  XP AZ  2    90 
 Royal & Cheryl Jason Mt Pulaski  XA  IL  1st year    92 
Dick & Mary Schultz  Verona  XA  WI  4  4  94
Zachary Boivin   Dearfield XA  OH  1st year    95 
 Tim & Pam Clark Lincoln  XP  IL   1st year    97 
 Norm & Alice Mitchell Lakeview  XP  AR   9  1 99 
Ron Nollen  Hartland  XA  WI   2  2 100 
 Jim & Jean Davis  Athens XA  IL   2  2 102
Steve Besteman  Zeeland  XA MI  1st year   103 
Steve & Melinda Hamstra  Zeeland  XA  MI  3   3 105 
 Bob & Pam Braam Zeeland  XP MI  1  1  107 
Marvin & Donna Richardson  Cuba  XP  MO  5    109 
 Chad Bird Decorah  XA  IA  1st year    110 
 Roy Mongar & Linda P Grand Rapids  XA  MI 1   1 112 
Irvin & Leona Peters  Winkler  XA  CAN  1st year    114 
David & Sharon Dexter   Jackson XA  MI  1st year    116 
 Steve & Paula Sheaffer Hyannis  XA  MA  1   1 118 
Don & LaVonne Edwards  Millstadt  XA  IL  1   1 120 
Allison Landis Revels  Mason  XA  MI  1st year  Riding with Kevin  121 
Bettie Neff  San Marcos  XA  CA  1st year  Riding with Dick Schultz  122 
Chris Schultz-Buechner  Middleton  XA  WI  1st year  Riding with Dick Schultz  123 
 Roger Steensma Hudsonville  XA  MI  1   1 124 
Tom Baldock & M. Mays Owaneco  XP  IL  1st year    126 
 Ed & Ann Tokarz  Fredericksburg XA  VA  4   4 128 
Bob & Kathy Zipprich  Jacksonville  XP  IL  1st year    130 
Mike Libs  Evansville  XP  IN 2   1 131 
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