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day 3 2009


Rolla, Missouri to Joplin, Missouri
Leave at 8am arrive approximately 6pm

A first for the "Ride for the Relay".  We were delayed this morning for one hour do to FOG.  Here are a few pictures to prove it.


By 9am the fog had lifted enough to allow us to hit the road, of course after a group photo with most of us in it.
And don't over look the Welcome message on the Zeno's Sign.

Also this morning we had another first.  We had a Nun traveling with us.  It is Sister Bonnie from Chicago
and she did the Blessing of the Bikes this morning.  Her and her friend the Smok'n German traveled with us to Springfield, MO.

Sister Bonnie on the left and the Smok'n German on the right

After the Blessing of the Bikes we headed out to Devil's Elbow with Michael (the owner of Zeno's) leading out and going all the way
to Springfield with us.  Before we got Springfield, MO we were joined by my good friend Roy Steager who put together our ride from
Lebanon, MO all the way through Springfield.  In Lebanon we were joined by Roy and about 15 of his friends and then we were off to
Strafford, MO where the Motorcycle Cops joined us and give us an escort all the way to the Kentwood Hall in Springfield, MO for Lunch.

Here we are lined up (about 45 bikes & 3 cars) waiting for the Police escort.

  Here are the two great officers that took charge.

And here is Debbie Patton filming all this.  That is her husband Mike behind her, I have no clue what he is dong, all the action is the other direction.
I might mention that is their 1963 Chevy Convertible  you see in the pictures and they are from my home town of Jacksonville, Illinois


After a great ride with the Police Escort, the Officers joined us in a beautiful setting----Kentwood Hall

With a Police Escort out of town to the County line, we bid the officers a farewell and headed to Paris Springs where Gary Turner was waiting for us.

Here we are at Gary Turner's Sinclair Service Station.  I just can't believe how many motorcycles and cars are traveling with us.


I told here that I was going to put this on the Web, she will be so happy.


Norm and Alice Mitchell have rode on every ride and are part of the 2007 All the way Gang.  That is Gary Turner between Alice and I.


Gary gave us a book by David Wickline and I have everyone sign it and then it will be auction off at our Banquet February 7th in Jacksonville, IL.


No stop at Gary's Sinclair would be complete without the group photo.  Gary also donates the Route 66 Flags for our auction.


We left Gary and headed to Joplin.  At the Fairfield Inn Bobbi Jo did a great job of checking everyone in and giving us all a free T-Shirt.  At somewhere around 6pm (give or take 10 minutes) we went to the Hilton Gardens Inn for a FREE BB-Q all prepared by Chris (the manager of the Fairfield Inn) with the help of his wife and kids.  I can't thank him enough for all he does for my riders and for the Ride for the Relay.

No BB-Q in Joplin would be complete without Crazy Legs.  Check his feet.  

  This is a little closer, check his feet.  If you have ever watched the movie "Cars" he is Tot Mater.

This is our Chief at the BB-Q "Chris".  Thank you so much Chris.

Please take a look at the T-Shirts Chris had made for everyone staying at the Hotel.  No one has ever done anything like this for
us.  A really big thank you goes out to Chris, The Fairfield Inn Marriott and Joplin's Convention & Visitors Bureau.


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