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day 11 2009


Barstow, California to Colton, California
Leave at 8am arrive approximately Noon

After a great night of eating steak and crawling through the fence, we are off to the Route 66 Museum.

Jim "Red Light" Nichols & Vikki are the last to arrive at the Barstow Route 66 Museum.     
        Roger and Roy are involved in High Tech Hat Pinning
In the following picture can you find the dummy?  Thanks to Debbie for her help with out gang.    

From the Barstow Route 66 Museum we head out to the "The Bottle Tree Ranch".  I can not describe this place or the man "Elmer E. Long" that owns it. 
Just look at the pictures, enjoy and maybe shake you head a little.

The man Elmer Long and his home


After the Bottle Tree Ranch we stopped at the Summit Inn for a little lunch and a quick picture
before Ann & Ed headed to their kids house.

On the way from the Summit Inn to Colton we drove some really neat Old Route 66 roadways.
As we entered San Bernardino, CA Jim Bruce ask if we would be going by the first McDonalds.
Some quick action by our group leader Eric and we were at the first McDonald, what a treat, enjoy.


Dinner (supper) at Big Boy next door.

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