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2013 All the Way Gang

We are under construction please keep watching to see when you or your loved one is posted

The 2013 All the Way Gang will always remain one very special group of Riders.  We endured several obstacles such as 100 degree weather nearly every day and it took it's toll.  Road construction at times had the entrance of Route 66 closed off but we made our way through the construction and continued on.  We had to watch very close the roads going to Oatman, AZ as they had heavy rains the day before but we made it.  What we did not know was when we left Oatman the roads had been washed away completely but we made it.  In Needles we had to detour because there was 18 inches of water over the road (we were in the desert).  When we made our Memorial Rock placing in the Mojave Desert it was 110 degrees and Route 66 was closed and we had to back track about 15 miles.  However, when you travel with a group like the 2013 Ride for the Relay, All the Way Gang you don't hear complaining or anything negative, you here WOW what a day and of course you here me say "well we made a memory".

Please congratulate my Riders for becoming a part of a very large family we like to call "The All The Way Gang".  Just click on the Gust Book and leave a note.

Rodger L. Fox, Jacksonville, Illinois is the Founder of The Ride for the Relay.  This is my 8th year for the Ride for the Relay.  I started riding motorcycle's in 1963 when I was in the Air Force living in Japan.  I never got into any group riding until 2004 when I joined the Goldwing Road Riders Association.  Two years later, 2006,  I founded the Ride for the Relay.  My wife Sue and I have been married for 10 years and together with our combined families have 5 children and 6 grandchildren.  Together we own and operate Times Square Sewing Complex in Jacksonville and Quincy, Illinois.  I have no idea how long I will do the Ride for the Relay but plans are on the table for 2014.  I had cancer in 1985 and that makes me a 28 year survivor, the same as my wife.
Jim is from Glynn Ellyn, Illinois and has been a leader for the Ride for the Relay in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  He is an All the Way Gang member for 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  He is my right hand man when it comes to going on all of Old Route 66 that we can find and I might add that this year he found some that he shouldn't have found.  Jim and Steve Conro get all the GPS coordinates together for everyone and help everyone while we are on the ride.  I couldn't do it without them.  Jim has a very special lady in his life and all of us that know April, love her and hope that some day she will be part of the All the Way Gang. He is retired from the Lyons Township High School and has been riding for 30 years.  Send Jim and eMail and let him know how much we appreciate him: 
I will be posting a Bio of Steve and Jackie, this is their second Ride for the Relay and All the way Gang members twice.
Don Rose is from Alsip, Illinois and a two time All the Way Gang Member (2010 & 2013}.  We will try and get a Bio from Don in the near future.
Bruce Williams (the prince of the Parking lot Party) joined us again (2008, 2012 & 2013 All the Way Gang) from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Bruce is our Dedication Coordinator.  He seams to add something to the trip, come with us and find out what.   So send him a note and congratulate him on the trip.

HERE IS HIS NEW BIO:  Bruce Williams rides in from Winston Salem NC.  This was my third trip for the Ride for the Relay and as of date the First and only man to Ride a Victory Motorcycle the Complete trip on the Ride for the Relay last year. ( Had to throw that one in for Victory) This year I was sporting my 2003 1800 Gold wing.  I retired in 2006 from the US Postal Service.  I was a mechanic on the robots and automated equipment systems in a P&DC.  I have one son Nicholas, he is the only (Kora) Maker in the United States.  I am very proud of him.  He has more guts than his dad.  Each year I meet people and enjoy their company I hope they think the same. I wish to continue.  My next venture is January of 2014 I plan on being in Melbourne Australia riding with my buddy Craig down under.  Will keep in touch.
My wife Deanna, died June 21, 2012, about a month before our 37th Wedding Anniversary.  Between us we have 5 Children, 12 Grand Children, 6 Great Grand Children.  I was recently informed by one of my Granddaughters, that I'll have another Great Grand Baby, that's supposed to arrive the 4th of July.  It's her first, and we're all very excited.  Fred, Dee's only son, rode part way down the Mother Road with me to Tucumcari, NM this year.  That was one of the high points of the ride for me.  I told all the kids last Christmas, that the finest thing Grandma ever did for me, was giving me them, and that's so true !!!! 

I worked 40.6 years for General Motors, starting as an assembler, then as a painter, and working my way into management.  I retired in 2004 as a Senior Supervisor in the Paint Dept. 

Ride For The Relay is something Dee and I enjoyed doing together, she made three trips down "Route 66" with me, following in our family car from Joplin to California.  This is my fifth year of "Going all the Way".  My first two trips, I had a 1986 Aspencade.  We bought the 2006 white wing, in March of 2011 .  We had it pinstriped, and our names put on the back.  I lovingly call her my DanDee Bike.  This ride is so much more than a group of people riding their toys down an old road.  It's a twelve day adventure that forms new friendships, and refreshes old ones. When I lost my wife, five of our friends, that we met on the very first RFTR, rode hundreds of miles, on short notice, enduring 100 degree temperatures, just to show their Love,  Respect and Support. I'll never be able to mention that, without getting a big lump in my throat !!!! 

In closing, I'd like to welcome all the new riders into the RFTR family. One never knows what a year will bring, but don't be to surprised, if you see the DanDee bike, two or three spots behind the leader, headed west for the sixth time.
Love to All
Dan C.
Darrell send me a Bio please.
Bobby please send me a Bio.
Gary get me a new Bio.

Rev.Norm and Mary Peterson.  We live in Rhinelander, WI where Norm has served as pastor of a Lutheran Church since 1980. Mary is a nurse at the hospital in Rhinelander.

I became interested in the Ride for the Relay after reading about it in Wing World years back. The earlier dates of the 2013 ride made it possible for us to consider making the dream a reality. Planning began in October of 2012 as I had to plan my vacation that far ahead to avoid conflicts with weddings and the church program. I wanted to ride Route 66 as my family had traveled that route in my childhood, camping along the way.

Now a little more about us. Mary and I met in December of 1972 and were married in June of 1974. Mary had grown up on a farm near Sherburn Minnesota and I grew up in the city of Chicago. Somehow we got together and she has been a blessing to me ever since. I have ridden motorcycles since I was 16 years old. My first bike was a Honda 160 Scrambler which I rode in Chicago regularly! Now we ride a 2001 Goldwing, just a little bigger than my first bike.

We have three children, Sarah, Aaron, and Paul all of whom are married. We have been blessed with a granddaughter Linnea born to Sarah and her husband Matt who live in Minneapolis. Another grandchild is expected by Aaron and his wife Lindsay in December of 2013 (about 6 weeks from the time of this writing). I know this will inspire trips to the Toronto, Canada area where they reside. Paul and Kelly live here in Rhinelander.

On the 2013 Ride for the Relay I officially became retired from the full-time parish ministry. It was a memorable morning when I awoke retired in Winslow, Arizona. Mary continues to work at the hospital.

The Ride for the Relay was a wonderful experience. We thank Rodger and all those who work so hard to make it happen and all those who shared the ride with us. As the “new kids” on the ride you truly made us feel welcome! The experience brings to mind the words of a Harry Chapin song, “It's the going, not the getting there that's good!” Thank you all for the ride and the memories. Hope to see you again.

Gene and I have been married for 51 years (this November) and have lived on our farm north of Rushville, IL all of our married life.  We have 3 married children (1 son and 2 daughters) and 4 grandchildren
Gene retired from farming in 2009, but still enjoys helping out when needed.  I retired from Western Illinois University after 20 years as a secretary in various departments.
Gene has ridden motorcycles all of his life and we have traveled all over the country and 4 provinces of Canada.  We now have a 2010 black Honda Gold Wing trike that we really enjoy riding.  We spend about  6 months in Apache Junction, Arizona so we can still ride during the winter.
We really enjoyed being part of the All the Way Gang.  This was a trip Gene had talked about doing for several years.  Who knows, you might even see us next year.

Gary is from Selma, Alabama and was a very good addition to our Ride for the Relay family.  I will get him to get his Bio to me so that we know a little more about him.  Hopefully we can get him to ride again with us.
Terry and Norma will be having a Bio in the near future.

I’m a 27-year-old, server, licensed massage therapist and a nurse from a small country town called Deerfield, OH. This was my first year going on the Route 66 trip! My dad has gone a couple years and I was lucky enough for my dad to talk me into going 2013!  For years dad always talked about how much fun he had…to be honest all us kids couldn’t understand why he kept going multiple times…well now my brothers laugh at me because I totally understand how my dad feels.  Route 66 Ride for the Relay was the most fun vacation I’ve ever experienced! Great people that become great friends, memories that I’ll cherish forever, and the hope and determination we give to cancer survivors, fighters and those who lost their loved ones.  September 2014 I’ll be a melanoma cancer survivor of 5 years! Everyone has a story and a battle that connects us all.  That’s what makes the trip so great! I will remember the 2013 gang forever! December 2013 I started working as a nurse so unfortunately I won’t be able to get the entire 12 days off for 2014, but I will figure out a way to make it out for a couple of days to visit all the friends I made 2013 and to meet new ones! For the new comers this year, be ready for the trip of your lifetime! Everyone is so welcoming; you’ll feel part of the family real quick!  A family and memories that will last you a lifetime! Rodger, keep up the great work!!! J

It is very time consuming with this format but I think it is well worth it.  Keep watching the web site and please send me your Bio.  The names listed below that are bold are the New All the Way Gang members.             

Paul Boivin

Albert & Fran Carroll

Jim Roberts

Steve & Melinda Hamstra

Robin & Angie Spurgeon

Richard Neer

Bobby Taylor

Jim Nichols

Vikki Kirsch

Butch & Judy Royse

Keith & Kim Hall

Gary and Deb Davis
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