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day 6 2010


Amarillo, Texas to Santa Rosa, New Mexico

My computer is really giving me a hard time.  I have not been able to download the pictures I took today on to my hard drive, my computer keeps shutting down.  I will keep trying.

We had another great day that started with everyone helping to paint a Cadillac pink at the Cadillac Ranch just West of Amarillo.  Tucumcari, NM was our lunch stop and then on to Santa Rosa, NM to spend the night.  The motel had sandwiches and finger food for us, Hugh give everyone a lesson on a Sagway, the Decatur group played CRT, my lead crew spent time mapping out tomorrows route and some had a little wine.  It was a good day.  Hang with me and I will try and try to get the pictures.

I arrived at the Cadillac Ranch just ahead of the whole gang.  I left early and went to a Honda Dealer trying to find an antenna, so I got to see them all come in.This is it the Cadillac Ranchand this is a crazy group of Ride for the Relay riders armed with cans of Pink Spray Paint.Courtney get right with the program and the rest of us just got busy too.       This is me putting on the final touches.  I am very proud of our work of art.  Larry is enjoying it and so are the others.       This is most of the group, some kids from France took pictures for us.  Decatur was in the paint up to their, well really way up.      These are the kids from France. From the Cadillac ranch we made out way to Adrian, Texas.  This is the half way point of our trip and here is the gang that made it this far. Another great thing about getting half way is the Home to the famous Ugly Crust Pies ( )  at the MidPoint Cafe and Gift Shop and I think the worlds best cinnamon rolls.          This is the lady that makes all the pies and owns the place, we just love her.  Here is Wayne Early from Amarillo, he has rode with me every year and on of these days hopes to make the All the Way Gang.  From the half way point we move to Tucumcari, New Mexico where we have lunch at the Pow Wow Cafe.          This is just a building in Tucumcari.  After getting checked in at the motel in Santa Rosa, NM some of us went to the Auto Museum  and see some great cars and just had fun.                    Following dinner some of the riders relaxed and others learned how to ride a Sagway.          It was a fun day.

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