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Tips for the Trip

In this section we will print your suggestions for things to plan for on our trip, things to watch out for, things to take along and just information that might be helpful.  Please send your advice to my eMail: or go to the Guestbook.  If you think your idea is silly, send it anyway, I will not publish the names of the riders sending ideas.  Well, not their real names unless they want me to.

If you want to get the most out of the trip, be sure you have a CB Radio

1.  If this is your first time in a large group ride, don't worry, the veterans will help and watch out for you.

2.  If you take medication, take more than you will need.  You never know when you might want to be gone longer that you planned.

2.A.   GWRRA recommends staying 3 Seconds behind the bike in front of you.  Bottom line:            DON'T RIDE TOO CLOSE!                                                      NO SIDE BY SIDE RIDING. 

3.  Always get yourself and your bike ready for the next day ride the night before.    We always leave promptly at 8:00 AM.

4.  Decide what you want to see on the trip, map it out and be sure you see it.  That is what a free style ride is all about.

5.  Enter the addresses of the Motels into your GPS  before leaving on the trip.

6.  Don't forget your telephone chargers.

7.  Sun Block.  It gets hot out there riding and this year Ocean Potion Lotion is a Corporate Sponsor.
For instance, if you normally develop a sunburn in 10 minutes with waring a sunscreen, a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 will protect you for 150 minutes (10 minutes multiplied by the SPF of 15).  Although sun screen use helps minimize sun damage, no sunscreen completely blocks all wavelengths of UV light.  Wearing sun protective clothing and avoiding sun exposure from 10am to 3pm will also help protect your skin from overexposure and minimize sun damage.

8.  Plenty of rain gear.

9.  Lip Balm (Ocean Potion has been providing enough for everyone)

10.  If riding thought the desert (or just hot weather) a cooling collar or vest is a great investment.    You can usually fine these in Sports Stores or Wal-Mart Camping section.

11.  Duct Tape can come in handy.
12.  Eye Drops is a good idea, it get really dry out west.
13.  If you have an old pair of eye glasses, take them along, they could get you by in a pinch.
14.  Extra fuses, I know you won't need them but maybe you can help someone else.
1.  This year before the Ride find a rock about the size of a baseball , go to Wal-Mart in the spray paint section and get Krylon Emeral Green.  Paint your rocks and bring the left over paint with you, we are painting something else too.

12.  Eye drops have been suggested.  Dry eyes are very common especially when we get out west.  I know I always carry mine and never though to mention it.  Thanks Dan.

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