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2015 All the way Gang

The following are pictures of this years "All the way Gang".  If you would like to comment on any one or all the Gang please click here "Guest BooK".  The are in no particular order but kind of the order in which they registered.
From Jacksonville, Illinois and a 1st time All the Way Gang member.  Susan is my wife and has been deeply involved for 10 years with the Ride for the Relay but this is her first time to go all the way.  Does it look like she had fun?  Thank you Sue for all you have done to help me with the Ride and for being my wife.  You were truly the High Light of my trip this year.
From Morris, Illinois is now a 7 time All the Way Gang member.  Gary became a big part of the Ride several years ago when he become a dear friend that I could go to for any reason.  Gary and I have traveled together several times but the Ride for the Relay is the reason for our friendship.  Thanks Gary for your leadership and being my sidekick.
From Mason, Michigan has now been an All the Way Gang member 4 times.  It is always an honor to have a Fire Fighter among our group and I want to thank Brian for getting his son involved and this year his daughter-in-law.
From Mason, Michigan is a 1st time All the way Gang Member and the son of Brian Revels.  I don't know much more about Kevin but we really enjoyed Kevin and his wife.
From Mason, Michigan is a 1st time All the Way Gang Member and the wife of Kevin Revels.  If you need a beautiful smile to start your day all you had to do was say "Good Morning" to Allison and you got the smile.  What a sweet couple.  Thank you Brian for bringing them along on our Historic Ride.
From Gifford, Illinois is a 1st time All the Way Gang member and because he lives fairly close I hope we can get together and get a little better acquainted. 
From Houston, Missouri are 1st time All the Way Gang members.  I don't think I have to say anything about this couple having fun on the Ride, I think the picture shows it.  Thanks you guys, great Ride.
From Wooster, Ohio is a 4 time All the Way Gang member but Gary has attended many of the Ride for the Relay functions.  Anytime I have something going on I watch out the corner of my eye for Gary because more than likely he will show up.  In my 10 of doing the Ride my windshield was dirty 6 years, the other 4 years Gary cleaned my windshield every morning.  Thanks my Friend.
From Wooster, Ohio is a 3 time All the Way Gang member and the son of Gary Indorf.  Most anytime his dad was coming our way Matt was right with him.  Thanks Matt for listening to your dad when he wanted you to get involved with the Ride for the Relay, you are a chip of the "old" block.
From Kansas City, Kansas is a 7 time All the Way Gang member.  Dan has for sure become a part of my extended All the Way Gang family.  He lives close to my son and most anytime I am in the area Dan will show up.  It may be just a lunch somewhere or one of my Grandkids in the hospital, Dan will be there.  He is a brother in every meaning of the word.  Thanks Dan & DanDee for all the memories.
From Deerfield, Ohio is a 3 time All the Way Gang member and the Leader of the 4-wheelers.  Dan did a great job this year as the leader of the 4-wheelers even if at times they questioned his Route, he got them to the motel every night.  This year was special for Paul as he got to have his son and daughter along for the Ride.  Thank you Paul for all the fun years, especially this year.  Remember I have a spot for your motorhome anytime.
From Deerfield, Ohio is a 2 time All the Way Gang member.  Sara has been a delight every time she has been on the Ride.  Myself and a the Ride for the Relay family want to congratulate her.  On October 10, 2015 she will be getting married.  I hope to see you and that new husband at some of our Ride for the Relay functions.  Thanks Sara for putting a smile on everyone's face.
From Deerfield, Ohio is a 1st time All the Way Gang member and fit right in as if he had gone every time.  I do hope that Zack will show up with his family at some of the functions planned for the Ride for the Relay in the future.
is from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana and this makes his 4th trip all the way and normally his wife Norma travels with him but this he was a lone, so I put him to work again.  Terry has for the last 3 years been in charge of our Raffle Ticket printing and sales, this year we even had him leading and being a tail gunner.   Terry has become a good friend and it is because of people like him that make my job easy.
From Quincy, Illinois has made this trip 8 times.  I don't have say what a friend he has become.  Jim only lives about 75 miles from me and is always there if I need help, if it is for the Ride for the Relay or for our business, Jim will always lend a hand.  8 times Jim you have made my trip better.  Thanks my friend.
is from Quincy, Illinois and this makes 5 times she has gone with Jim Nichols and become a part of the All the Way Gang Family.  She has become a great friend and jumps in to help anytime anywhere she is needed.  I don't know how we would have got everything done in Chicago this year if it wasn't for her.  Thanks Vikki for all you do.

From Rhinelander, Wisconsin Norm & Mary have been on the Ride 3 times.  I call Norm our resident pastor as he is a retired Lutheran Minister.  Norm jumps and helps where he can, this year his help was very much needed and we thank you Norm for taking charge when needed.  Mary has the proper name for the Pastor's wife and we call her "Mother Mary".  Thank you Norm and Mary for all you do and for leading me over the highest point on Old Route 66, you make my day and Bob Lee's also.
I put these two couples together because the guys are brothers and they are my cousins.  Bobby and Darrell have both been All the Way once before this year.  As a surprise to me and a treat to their wives, they all went All the Way this year.  Face it the girls make the guys look good and the boys are referred to as the Twins and loved by everyone.  They are all from Rural New Boston, Illinois and farm in a large way.  I am so proud of them and love them all very much.  Boys remember, I don't ride gravel roads, let me know when you get the blacktop.
From Marstons Mills, Massachusetts this was Albert's 1st Ride for the Relay and I think form the smile, he is very happy he went.  I didn't get to spend a lot of time with Albert but I hope we can meet again.  He is now family.  Thanks Albert for coming along and becoming a part of the All the Way Gang.
From Springboro, Ohio become a member of the All the Way Gang for the 1st time and I know they enjoyed every minute of it.  We certainly enjoyed having the along and hope they will join us on our next outing?  We love our Ohio Riders.
From Whitehall, Michigan have went All the Way 3 times and have become more that just part of a Big All the Way Gang Family, they have truly become friends.  I think they have made a whole group of Michigan friends too, because of The Ride for the Relay.  We thank you guys and hope to see you next year in Iowa.

Trey and Tammy are from Millstadt, Illinois and I feel I really made some new friend in these guys.  They are both members of the United States Air Force and if you want up lifted everyday, make them your friends on FaceBook, they are awesome. 

Dayton, Ohio is a much better place just because that is where these guys live.  In 2009 they become members of the All the Way Gang and decided to relive the wonderful time they had and we were really glad to see them again.  I am hoping we see them in Iowa in 2016.

Steve is also part of the Michigan gang and we were so happy to get to know him just a little.  Thanks Steve for becoming a part of the All the Way Gang 2015.

These guys are a part of that Michigan gang that we were so proud to have.  They are from Montague, Michigan and Steve is the push up King and raised a bunch of money by doing pushup all the way on the trip, I wish someone would remind me of how many he did and how much was paid for each push up.  Anyway thank you guys for being such a part of the Ride for the Relay.   Update:  Steve did 2000 pushups and was paid $.25 for each pushup, that is $500.  Great job Steve and I am thrilled to hear you are coming to Iowa.
It is clear that Dayton, Ohio just has some really cool people and Linda Wise is on of those people.  I really never seen her without a big smile and nice word, not only me but everyone loved Linda.  I hope to see her in June in Iowa for the 1st Annual Ride for the Relay Reunion.
From Vail, Arizona.  This was the first Ride for the Relay for Steve and Machele.  They were a real blessing to the Ride and was one of three ministers who took care of the Blessing of the Bikes each morning and was just there to help anywhere they could.  I hope to stay in touch with them and to see them again in the near future.  Maybe they will come to Illinois for the Winter.

Dotham, Alabama is home for these guys and and there home is always open when a Rider comes to Dotham.  They are 3 time All the Way Gang members and very deeply involved in the Ride for the Relay.  Anywhere I need help, they are there.  Buzz does the wood work for our All the Way Gang Plaques and Marinan is always doing something, I just love you guys and will see you in Iowa I am sure.

Three times Ernie has left his home in Winkler Manitoba, Canada and gone on the Ride for the Relay.  He has become a dear friend to many of the ATWG Family.  I hope to be able to go visit Ernie on of these days.  I am very proud of Ernie for being a Fireman and just a great guy.

Montague, Michigan is the home of Jack and Laura Schultz.  Do they look like they had fun, well there were just as much fun as they look.  I only wish we could have spent more time getting acquainted.  Maybe in June at the Decorah, Iowa reunion. 

Butch & Judy (Joyce) Royse from Hamilton, Ohio.  These guys are the real deal.  This year is their 3rd time to make the Ride but more important, this year on the way to Chicago they had a motorcycle accident (no one hurt) which disabled the motorcycle, so they went home, got their car and made the trip.  Judy is our official Photographer and we love her for it.  Butch is the her Grip Boy, he makes sure she is in the right place at the right time.  Thanks you guys for all you do, we love you.

 These guys are from Green Valley, Arizona and was more fun than you can believe.  We referred to them as our HazMat team and at one point out of Needles, California Jean was our leader. Thanks for making the Ride just a little more fun.

 This was the first Ride for Sam and Donna from Cincinnati, Ohio and I hope they enjoyed the Ride as much as we enjoyed having them along.  Hope we see them in June at the 1st Annual RFTR Reunion.

Ed & Susan Roberts are from East Alton, Illinois, only about 60 miles from my home in Jacksonville.  They were welcomed back on the 2nd trip with the Ride for the Relay, in 2011 they went All the Way and become good friends.  Hope to see them in Iowa.

They are from Moro, Illinois and are first time All the Way Gang Members.  As with all the first timers, I wish  I was going again just to give the a second round and to give me a chance to get to know them better.

Walter and Jean also live close to me and again I wish we could have spent more time getting to know one another.  Maybe this summer we can make plans to all Ride to Iowa for the Ride for the Relay Reunion together.

is from Waverly, Iowa and is a 3 time All the Way Gang member.  Two years on the Ride with his wife Linda and this year he made the Ride with his son Chad.  Doug will be helping his son Chad with the first Ride for the Relay Reunion in Decorah, Iowa.  After 3 trips down Route 66 Doug I am very proud to call him and his wife dear friends.  See you in Iowa.

is from Springfield, Illinois, a 1st time All the Way Gang member.   We are thrilled to have her on board.  Nancy, my wife Sue and Janet Sheltz all "road" together in a four wheeler and become very close friends.  Nancy has fit in to the All the Way Gang group like she had been there forever.  Thanks Nancy for watching over my wife and Janet and becoming a friend to all the All the Way Gang.

is from Jacksonville, Illinois and has been on the Ride for the Relay team from the beginning in 2006 but this year is the first time she has got to go All the Way.  Janet and her son Michael are always there for us in the Jacksonville area regardless of what adventure Sue and I are planning.  I think Janet, Nancy and my wife truly made the Ride for the Relay a lifetime experience.  Thanks Janet for all you do and being our friend.

 All the way from Canada

 My Rock.

 I will get to you two later, you are family and can wait.

  Aren't you glad I gilded you into going?

 I promise I will say nothing about hogs.

 Fun fun fun

Wait until you hear about this guy.  Yo Page!

 Dude later

 What a Jewel

 these guys are almost hometown people to me, they are from Edwardsville, Illinois and we were thrilled to have them on the Ride this year and become part of the All the Way Gang family.  I am hoping to see them in Iowa.

 My homeland people.

 These are my people.  This year makes 5 times they have gone All the Way.  Mary has made me some wonderful gifts, they let me and several All the Way Gang members be a part of their 50th anniversary celebration and treated all of us like we are family.  Not enough can be said about these guys.  I love you both so much and those words are echoed by everyone who has rode with you. 
 Betty is a sister to Dick Schultz and lives in California.  From our first phone call Betty and I hit it off.  I am so happy she is now a part of the All the Way Gang family and I look forward to seeing her again.  She rode with Dick & Mary in the Pickup Truck with the camper along with Dick's daughter Chris.
Chris is from Middleton, Wisconsin and is the daughter of Dick & Mary Schultz.  We are so happy to have her as a part of our All the Way Gang gamily too.  I believe I first met Chris at her mom and dad 50th Wedding Anniversary, thanks Chris for joining our party. 

 this guy almost made leader of the year, what a great job Ron and thank you for stepping in and helping.  We missed you lovely wife this year but she knew we were all thinking about her.  Ron is from Hartland, Wisconsin and when not riding a motorcycle is Hot Air Ballooning, I hope some day I can go up with him and Deb.  The only reason he didn't make leader of the year is because there is no leader of the year.

 Jim and Jean are returning members of the All the Way Gang and we were so glad to have them back.  They are members of our Motorcycle Group in Springfield, Illinois (GWRRA Chapter T).  Jim see to it that each Rider has a penny with a cross in it to remind everyone of the "One Cent".  Thanks Jim and Jean for all you do. 

 Steve is from Zeeland, Michigan and was a real treat to have on the Ride and I am excited that he is part of the All the Way Gang.  The last time I seen him in person he had a guy on the back of his motorcycle and they were headed out the I-10 in California, I hope they both make it to the Reunion.  I know Steve will Roger that.  Okay it is an inside joke.

City Manager for Decorah, Iowa enjoyed becoming an All the Way Gang member while riding with his Dad Doug Bird who has traveled Old Route 66 twice All the Way Gang before this year.  Chad was taken in by the family atmosphere of the Ride for the Relay and volunteered to have the First Annual Ride for the Relay Reunion.  We thank you Chad and think your mom and dad are the greatest.

 these guys are from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This is Linda's first ride and Roy's second.  Have you ever met anyone that you just felt comfortable with and feel like you have known them all your life, well that is these two, what wonderful and thoughtful people.  Love them a bunch.

Ed and Ann are from Fredricksberg, Virginia and this year was traveling in their motorhome.  Ed has made the trip 5 times and Ann has done it 4.  They have rode Honda's, Harley's, Stallions and Motorhomes, one year (2011) their daughter went and hauled Ann in a pickup truck.  So all around they hold the award for the most diversified Riders on the trip.  They have become dear friends over the years, I just wish we live closer.  Love you guys. (Ed and Ann's pictures was from 2011 because I could find any good pictures from this year.

 I am still in shock that people would come all the way from Canada to join our Ride for the Relay and become All the Way Gang member but that is just what these guys did and we are so proud of them.

 My official MINI Cooper guys.  This was their first trip and they were a part of the 4 wheeler gang and fit in quite well.  They come from Jackson, Michigan and we enjoyed every minute we were with them.  See you guys in Iowa.

 from Hyannis, Maine are second time All the Way Gang members.  I am hoping they will hookup with the East Coast group and come to our Reunion in Decorah, Iowa this year.  You guys are great and I wish we could have spent more time getting acquainted, maybe in Iowa. 

 these guys are more of my Illinois people.  They are from Millstadt, Illinois and this was their first time on the Ride and I am sure if there were to be another Route 66 Ride for the Relay, they would go.  Welcome Don and LaVonne to the All the Way Gang and being a part of our history.

 Roger is a returning All the Way Gang member and we were really glad to have him back.  He is from Hudsonville, Michigan and just more fun than anyone would expect.  I will never forget him and Steve leaving the motel in Colton, CA.  Roger, we all hope to see you in Iowa.

 Steve is from Mt Pulaski, Illinois, just about 65 miles from Jacksonville and is now a member of the All the Way Gang Family.  He joined my brother-in-law and several of their friends.  I got to say we had a great time.  I hope the whole group come to Iowa this year.


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