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day 11 2010


Barstow, CA to Colton, CA

It was a short day but an adventure filled day.  We started in Barstow, CA with a tour of the Route 66 Museum where we got welcomed by the Honorary Route 66 Queen.  From Barstow we headed south to Victorville and on the way we stopped at a place where a forest has been made with bottle art, that is the only way I can describe it, stay with me and I will get pictures posted later.  After the bottle place and a little unplanned scenic we arriver at The Summit Inn for lunch.  The Summit Inn was the only restaurant between LA and Las Vegas back in the 50'es and was a regular stop for Elvis, Frank Sinatra and all the Hollywood crowd.  Leaving the Summit we went to the first McDonald's which is now a museum.  At this point in the day we were only 7 miles from our Motel.  We all got to the motel around 2pm and everyone got busy doing laundry and whatever it takes to be ready for the trip back home.  Tomorrow the Pier. 

The queen and the boysOur all the way gang and the queenNow the bottle forestNow the First McDonald'sA rabbit>
A Devil>A Chicken>and a Squirrel>

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