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2011 Trip Schedule

Friday September 2, 2011            Day Before the Ride                                      Chicago

Saturday September 3, 2011        Day #1 (201 miles)              Chicago to Springfield, IL
Evening meal in the Lincoln Room at the Travellodge 6:30pm $10 includes drink & tip

Sunday September 4, 2011          Day #2 (207 Miles)           Springfield, IL to Rolla, MO
Monday September 5, 2011          Day #3 (179 Miles)                Rolla, MO to Joplin, MO
Lunch ($5) will be at Kentwood Hall (Crystal Room) Springfield, MO (police escort in and out)
                    There will be a (free) Bar-B-Q for everyone coming to Joplin.

Tuesday September 6, 2011            Day #4 (218 Miles)          Joplin, MO to Edmond, OK
We will be joined at the motel by Ken Turmel  and

Wednesday September 7, 2011    Day #5 (258 Miles)       Oklahoma City to Amarillo, TX
                    Dinner will be at the Big Texan Steak House there will be Limo service.

Thursday September 8, 2011        Day #6 (171 Miles)    Amarillo, TX to Santa Rosa, NM

Friday September 9, 2011             Day #7 (192 Miles)     Santa Rosa, NM to Grants, NM

Saturday September 10, 2011       Day #8 (157 Miles)          Grants, NM to Holbrook, AZ
                    Dinner will be furnished and cooked by the motel owner, don't miss this
You get breakfast also..

Sunday September 11, 2011         Day #9 (238 Miles)        Holbrook, AZ to Kingman, AZ

Monday September 12, 2011        Day #10 (205 Miles)       Kingman, AZ to Barstow, CA

Tuesday September 13, 2011       Day #11 (74 Miles)            Barstow, CA to Colton, CA

Wednesday September 14, 2011   Day #12 (71 Miles)    Colton, CA to Santa Monica Pier
Following pictures and lunch, there will be a Memorial Ride to Holy Cross Cemetery, 5835 Slauson, Culver City (8.5 miles South East of Santa Monica)

Thursday September 15 (day after the trip is over)  we will tour Corba Mfg which is located just 34 miles from Colton, Ca.  Check their web site ( ) and see if you would like to go on the tour.  I think it will be very interesting.  We are to be there at 10 am.

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