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2014 Dedication Tribute

Juanita O. Zamora, mother of Sylvia J. Stogden, passed away on September 10, 2007.  Ms. Juanita had suffered from lung and colon cancer.  Please dedicate portion of road on Route 66 in Santa, Rosa, New Mexico.

Posted for Sylvia and Jim Stogden.

UNO Cancer Survivors of Bogart, Georgia 

Hey Rodger, I would like to dedicate a portion of Route 66 to:

The UNO Cancer Survivors at Grace Fellowship Church, Bogart, Georgia

UNO - stands for Unselfish,Neighborly, Outreach. Ladies get together each Thursday, have lunch, fellowship and play UNO.  I want to dedicate Route 66 from Barstow to San Bernardino, Calif.  That will give me an incentive to keep going. God Bless

The Living Legend "Harold Baldock" of Owaneco, Illinois
In 2013 he had a "routine colonoscopy" and, after quite an ordeal, found that he has mantel cell lymphoma. He started treatment immediately the medium aggressive one. His infusaport became infected shortly after starting treatment and we almost lost him due to sepsis.  Once we removed the port, things began to turn around for him.. His prognosis was not good at all last year in September. We were told twice that he could lose his fight, but thanks to hundreds of folks praying and supporting all of us, he is doing as well, or I should say, better than they ever expected!! He will continue to receive chemo treatments every other month through 2015 and then we will see how things are going.  
He will be part of the "All the Way Gang" this year 2014
Now that is a fighter!!!!!
Harold has also been honored by GWRRA Chapter i of Decatur.  A large donation in his name was made to help find a Cure.
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