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9/4/15 Day Before

Downers Grove, Illinois our Chicago area Headquarters at Double Tree Hotel.

Parking lot at the Double Tree Inn, Downers Grove, Illinois
Taken from my room on the 7th Floor.  .
September 3th parking lot                              September 4th parking lot
September 4th pictures by Judy J. Royse
Ten years of fantastic service from Dan Techman and the staff at the Double Tree
We gave Dan an10 year Corporate Sponsor award. Then he and his staff presented us with a large donation.  Dan has been a blessing to the Ride for the Relay.

Presentations and surprises
Look at the pictures and enjoy.
Judy and her husband Butch just arrive at the meeting after experiencing a non-injury motorcycle accident, the bike on the other hand wasn't so lucky.  Judy took just about all of these pictures and will be our photographer on the whole trip,  She is an Angle.

The biggest surprise of the evening was my brother-in-law (Sue's Brother) who showed up unexpectedly and is riding all the way to California with us.  We love him so much.

Dave the creator of the "All the way Gang" patch design and his wife Patti, come up with a new design for me a memory flag, he asked everyone for a $5 donation to make the flag.  Well he got the flag made and had $335 left over that he donated, then charge everyone there $5 to sign it and he got large amount from that.  Did I mention the he and Patti raised over $9,000.  Thank you guys so much.  Oh don't let me forget that Patti also brought me Peanut Butter, I love her.

Linda Hiser the creator of the memory Stones we place in the Mojave Desert.  Thank you Linda it has become a major part of our Ride.

We lost a dear friend Richard Neer and his wife Ester came to Chicago to meet all his Riding Buddies, what a wonderful person she is.

Ed Tokarz is what I would call a Ride for the Relay original.  He was on the 2007, he has been on many since, taken his wife Ann and they are going again this year.  He is having everyone to sign this sign and he will hang it in his Man Cave.  Ed and Anne are family, very close family to many of us.

Out to Dinner at the Claim Jumper
Nothing really to say just enjoy the pictures.

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