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Day 12, 2007


Route 66 California metal signLeaving San Bernardino, California at 8am.



This is the day we were all looking for but hated to see arrive.  Here is the beginning of our last day together Norm and John cleaning their bikes a little .  Ed and Doug spent the night with Ed's Son and his family.  They all showed up at the Hampton Inn at 9am ready to go to the Santa Monica Pier ..  How about that new Granddaughter?  We got to see what California traffic was all about as we traveled Interstate 10 down to Santa Monica Blvd.  We went to the end of Santa Monica Blvd then out to the Pier where everyone signed our sign .and we took a group photo before going up on the Pier to Bubba Gump's for lunch.  Norm, Alice and I were hams under the Santa Monica Pier Sign and I just had to have a picture of the sand roller .  Ed and his family set at one table and the rest of the group set in a booth right next to them.  We were also joined by a friend of mine Terry Snyder who lives in LA .  The food was great and we all loved the onion rings .  Outside of Bubba Gump's we had to have our picture taken .  Then everyone took a stroll down the Pier.  We got to see a TV show being filmed which was no big deal.  However the view of the ocean was great and of course Doug & Ed are up to their usual .  This was a far as we could go.  The ride is over but I don't think it will ever end..  I took on last picture of the bikes from the pier and everyone departed..  After agreeing that we would each do this again next year, we said goodbye and departed.

I went over to John's girlfriends house and was treated to some wonderful cake that we will never let John cut again He dumped the chocolate cake on top of the Cheese Cake, but he was forgiven by his girlfriend, daughter and grandkids I got a tour of the house and grounds

I said goodbye to John and he got on his Bike and took me out to The 10 and it was all over.

Now we start the planning for the Banquet Feb 10, 2008 and the 2008 Ride for the Relay starting September 6, 2008

Thanks to Everyone. 

When you travel Old Route 66, yes you do get your kicks and much much more.  Not only do you travel through 8 different states with these loving caring people but you also get to travel in the very special STATE!
"The State of Mind"






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